We’re Hosting a Disney Side Celebration #Disneyside

Disneyside Party Box
Disney Side Box
A couple of weeks ago, I got a super exciting email! I had some Pixie Dust heading my way in the form of a Disney Side Home Celebration box! Since Goonie is only five, and will have a couple friends join us – but the majority of the party goers are going to be adults -we had a Multi-Generation box coming. We had no idea what was going to be inside – until it arrived yesterday!

Disney Side Box

Sadly, due to weather I couldn’t go pick up the package until today. We’re all Disney fans, so getting the package was just exciting for us as the little ones! But inside – we had no idea what to expect!Inside our box – we have everything we need to have our party! That doesn’t mean we’re not adding a little more of our own Pixie Dust as we go – but there are plates, cups, card games, Disney Side packages, bags, cake mix, Wilton Cake pans and sprinkles, displays, pencils and crayons and even Palace Pets and Princess Nail Polish!

For getting our package, we are just asked to throw a party in January or February. My sister’s birthday is at the end of the month and we’re going to throw her a Disney Side Party for her big day. I’ll be sharing some of our creations as we go, some are edible and others are just fun and easy DIYS! How will you show your #Disneyside?

Disney Side Box

Show Your Disney Side



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