peppy puppy review

Welcome a Peppy Pup into Your Family #peppypups #nationalmuttday

preppy puppy review

Check your kids wish list this year, I’m pretty sure most of them have a pet cat or dog on there. But the reality is most kids aren’t ready for the responsibility of their own dog and what it requires. This year you can get them the dog they’ve always wanted without the clean up of a real dog or a vet bill – you can get the a Peppy Pup!

peppy puppy reviewWe were sent a Peppy Pup to check out before the holidays, and before we got it out I just assumed it would require a lot of batteries to make the puppy walk. The Peppy Pups walk along with you with a bouncing step, and can even run behind your kids. But all of it this is done with a combination of the mechanics in its legs and it’s specially made feet. The bottom of the Peppy Pups feed have high ridges that not only help them grip the floor but help make their steps look a bit more bouncy. The Peppy Pups work well inside, but the ridges make him more sturdy on carpet and outside.

peppy puppy reviewThe legs on the Peppy Pups are harder due to the walking mechanism in them, but their bodies are soft and cuddly. The soft and friendly puppy comes with a leash and actually doesn’t require batteries like I originally thought. Instead the pups move along when you pull their leashes and the motion makes their legs move as fast as they need to to keep up.

Our Peppy Pup was quickly sniffed and adopted into the family by our other furry friends. He quickly made his rounds running around the house and keeping up with us as we ran or walked.

We love how cuddly Peppy Pups are, and we’re sure they’re going to be one of the hot items this holiday season. But they have the added bonus of no messes and hair to clean up. They’re a great way to get your little ones their own dog until they’re responsible enough to have a real dog they can take care of themselves. Peppy Pups are actually the official plush dog of National Mutt Day (December 2nd!) – and are ready to join your family this holiday season.

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