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I’m almost to week 130 of unemployment – we’re coming up to one full year since my unemployment benefits ran out, and almost 3 years since I was laid off. I’m not going to adopt the name Week 130er – well that just don’t sound right does it? :).

So here we are, three years after being laid off. I’ve been unable to find a 9-5 job and most part time positions wont touch me because of my degrees. But would I change it? Not at all.

Yes, money is always a concern – There are weeks that the last of my money either goes to putting gas in the car or food in the fridge – but I am not unhappy with how life has changed. I don’t mind the schedule of my lifestyle, and I can say that I’ve picked up enough freelance work that I’m considered “self employed” instead of “unemployed”.

There are days it gets overwhelming – but I know I’m in a lot better position than others who lost their job.

I’ve stumbled upon other bloggers lately who are also 99ers. Reading their articles I find there are a lot of people who aren’t making it – and my heart aches for them and their stories. This is a small snippet from one blog I found:

“My benefits ran out in July.  The bill collectors are calling!  I can’t tell the last day that I paid the mortgage.  By tomorrow, I’ll pull out the last $1,000 from my IRA to pay the electricity, Internet for the this month and next. I’ll have to pay taxes for my car by next month so that I can register my car in February – I have no money for it!  But, I have two wishes as I write this letter.  One, I wish it was still possible for me to cry.  And, I wish God would take his breath from me.” ~TCSPlanet Blog

I hope the 99er who wrote that article has been able to see some help and relief from their situation. But it’s not the first article like that I’f found.

99ers – there is hope out there. Use the programs as they are available to you. If you can get on food benefits, or state assistance. Reach out to community groups and see if they can help you out. I know that there are a lot overwhelmed right now. Those unemployment numbers don’t include us 99ers. Reinvent yourself and keep going strong!

TCSPlant Blog also has an article about an 99er flyer and a way to keep other 99ers going and supported. Please look at this page and think of the other 99ers out there that still need support.


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