Wear Your Favorite Sweaters Longer with Dryel

dryel and sweaters

dryel and sweaters

We all have our favorite piece of clothing. It may be a sweater, or jeans – you know the piece of clothing you wear every day and every time you get a chance. For me, it’s my jeans that make it through a tough day at work and take me out on the town, and a sweater that gets tossed in a bag, or thrown over my favorite shirts throughout the week. But constantly wearing your favorite clothing can take a toll on them, and you know that spills are bound to happen.

dryel and sweatersTraditional washing and drying your jeans and sweaters actually makes them break down quicker and the extreme heat can make them shrink and feel tight when you put them on. This is why I always toss my favorites in the Dryel bag in the dryer. Not only does it mean that in as little as 20 minutes my clothing will be ready to wear again, but the lower drying time and temperature doesn’t put extra stress on the fibers in the clothing and they’re just as comfortable as they were when they went in – they are just fresh and clean and ready to go.

Dryel helps keep our clothing clean and our budget within check since my favorite sweater will e around for months and years to come. And now when you get the new Dryel starter kit you get an added bonus, the stain pen is included in your starter box as well as an odor and wrinkle spay. That means not only will you be able to clean 20 pieces of laundry at an affordable price and without running to a laundromat, but you can also fight the stains on the go and keep your clothing fresh longer.

Find out more about the new Dryel starter kit and keep your sweaters looking new longer – even that ugly sweater for the holidays!


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