Ways to Prep Your Home and Life for Major Disasters

survivalism tips

survivalism tipsAs fast as technology is reshaping the world, we never know where life is going to take us. Most people have lost the very basic skills that our ancestors used to survive, and unless Siri tells them how to do something – a lot of the younger generations don’t know how to react in a disaster. From the basic skills to preparing for an emergency – do you know how to survive in the worst situation?

It may seem odd, but this is something that I’ve worried about in the past. Life has forced me to learn how to cook my own meals from scratch where most people can pick up a mix from a shelf and prepare the same thing. But did you know that if the current infrastructure fails and food deliveries we rely on aren’t made – most stores will be out of the basic food supplies we rely on within three weeks. With the amount of people that live in our country – that isn’t going to result in a very pretty situation.

So what do you do? Do you start hoarding food in your house now? Well… you could but then you’ll end up on one of those reality shows. But you can start reclaiming some of the life skills that we’re not taught in school anymore. From cooking, to mending your own clothes and even gardening – there are a lot of things that we need refresher courses on.

I’ve always loved growing things myself, so for me having my own garden and learning how to can the bounty made sense to me. Our shelves and freezers are stocked with garden fresh fruits and veggies, and not only do they help offset our grocery bill through the year but they help us control the ingredients in our meals. Our fruit trees produce so much that I’m still working through canned pears from three years ago – so some of our basics are set for years to come.

Beyond preparing for food needs, I do like to have a few other items on hand and often turn to My Patriot Supply for those needs. While I may not be worried about a hurricane hitting Detroit, we do have bad storms and occassional black outs we have to deal with – I can’t be the only one who remembers the 4 days back in 2003 where our state went black. So how do you get your basic needs? Like water filtration systems? Emergency food storage systems? Or even camping gear? My Patriot Supply has the tools on hand and can help you prepare for the worst situation or help you kick start your own survival gear pack.


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