Ways to Create a Consistent Online Brand

Ways to Create a Consistent Online Brand

The world is turning into an online world. More and more brick and mortar business are closing their doors and turning into online. Not only does it increase your customer base by opening to the doors to more areas, but it allows you to customize and update your brand as needed to fit demands.

But if you’re starting a new business, where do you start? There are a lot of things you need to consider including getting a name and setting up your business plan – but setting up an online brand is key to success.

Creating A Brand People Can Engage With

When you first start up your business, you need to make sure that it’s not only something that someone will want and need but also will be something that people will engage with. That means creating a brand that is relatable and one that you can maintain by yourself or with a small team.

Things you should consider when setting up your brand:

  • A logo that conveys your brand
  • A Tagline that tells a story
  • Graphic standards you will use throughout your online accounts
  • A strategy for promoting your company and brand.

Setting Up Your Presence Online

Once you have a brand idea and have set up your business, you need to make sure you set up your online presence. But it goes beyond a logo, you need to set up your social media accounts. Not only can you find customers through a website, but you will find more on social media.

Using your logo and branding you created, create a uniform appearance on all of your social channels. This gives your company more of a brand and overall appearance online but gives your customers or readers a brand recognition when they see the same company and presence online.

Telling Your Brands Story

As important as your online presence is, telling your brands story is more important than anything else. This goes beyond the about page on your website. Your brand’s story gets told every day in the way you shoot the photos, the way you tell stories online with comments or even the videos you create for your brand.

Find out how you can tell your story and how it fits your brand when you do it. Is your style more edgy or a more family friendly stance? Do you stand up for your political views or does that stay off your site. Your story may include personal information or you may choose to keep that off your online presence. There’s no wrong way to tell the story of your brand, but keep in mind that your way of story telling may influence how your customers interact with your brand and may impact your sales or return.

Finding the best way to tell your brands story can be hard. If you are looking for ways to help with brand storytelling and don’t know where to start. Diamond Views can help you with tips and ways to help you grow your brand as you develop your business.


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