Wave 2 of the Splashings Are Here in Time for the Holidays

splashlings wave 2 review

splashlings wave 2 review

Last year we were first introduced to Splashings. They’re small nautical themed pocket sized toys that your kids can collect. The Wave 1 sets of Splashings came in small sets and blind bags, but Wave 2 has not only expanded their collection but the different options you can get some of your new favorite characters in.

splashlings wave 2 reviewWe were just sent some of the new Wave 2 Splashlings toys that have just been released for the holiday season. This year they’re offering a 12 pack with two mystery friends inside, a 6 pack with a mystery mermaid and the blind bags have been replaced with shells including two different friends inside. Again there are there are over 100 different Spashlings you can collect including Mermaids, Splashings, Shells, Ocean Gems, Treasure Pets, Fin Friends, Swell Shells, Hip Flops, Wiggles and Fash Fish.

splashlings wave 2 reviewThe new Wave of Splashlings are incredibly cute, and a great addition to the first set. We love that you can add on to your collection and the new Ocean Gems and Treasure Pets are absolutely adorable. Like the previous version, each toy or friend comes with with a peg spot in them so you can set them inside their shells and they wont move. Also, like Wave 1, the Splashinglings are still small and have small pieces so we still wont recommend them for kids under the age of 5, but it depends on your child.

We love how fun Splashlings are and the creativity your kids can have with them. You never know what you’ll get inside the blind packages, and the bit of mystery in each package. You can find Splashings online, but the blind shells are exclusively at Toys R Us!

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