watermelon Ball JR Review

Watermelon Ball Jr Takes Pool Play to a New Level

watermelon Ball JR Review

The years of boring pool toys is gone, now that you can have your own watermelon to play in the pool. Obviously not a real watermelon, those may be a bit too hard to toss around. Instead, we were sent a Watermelon Ball Jr, a bright colored watermelon shaped toy from Plasmart to play with.

Inside the box of, you not only find the Watermelon Ball Jr, but a pump set up which makes it easier to fill with your hose. Yes, you fill the Watermelon Ball Jr with water, not air! What does this do? It makes the ball buoyantly neutral in water. What does that mean? It means that you can pass it under water without as much resistance, you can dribble it like a basketball and it will stay in the water while you’re playing – not just float on top.

What we love about it? The bright colors means it’s easy to find in the water while you’re playing! The softer material on the outside means it wont be too hard if you get hit wit hit, and it’s very durable. The Watermelon Ball Jr is a lot of fun, a change of pace while you’re in the pool with the kids and with family.

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