Watching Their Eyes Light Up with this Halloween Candy Stash

Spooky Eyes Halloween Gift Tower Review

Spooky Eyes Halloween Gift Tower Review

When was the last time you went trick-or-treating without your kids? The reality is, on Halloween, it pays to be a kid. I think the last time I actively got to trick-or-treat I was around ten years old. It’s just easier to buy a bag of candy to not hand out – even if it’s not as fun. But this year, I opened a package that made me feel like a kid again – the Spooky Eye Halloween Gift Tower filled with pounds of candy and sweet popcorn – just for adults.

Spooky Eyes Halloween Gift Tower ReviewGourmet Gift Baskets sent me the Halloween Gift Tower, four boxes filled with goodies for children of all ages. ¬†The gift tower has four adorable Halloween themed boxes filled to the brim with treats and all tied together with holiday themed colored ribbons. Inside you’ll find¬†Tootsie Roll Midgees, Super Bubble Gum, Jawbreakers, Atomic Fireballs, Smarties, Mixed Candy, Buffalo Popcorn by, Confetti Popcorn by

Spooky Eyes Halloween Gift Tower ReviewHalloween is always a holiday filled with fun and excitement, but opening up the Spooky Eye Halloween Gift Tower makes you feel like a kid again. With boxes upon boxes of our favorite candy – the variety is better than you’d get out of buying multiple bags of candy at the store. The gift tower is a great reminder for adults of the excitement of being a kid at Halloween, or great for sending to family and friends far away to send some fun holiday cheer. And as the an added sweet bonus, they can use the cute boxes for decorations for the holiday!

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