Watch Dinosaurs Walk and Fly in this Photicular

Dinosaur A photicular Book review

Dinosaur A photicular Book reviewI don’t know a little kid that doesn’t love dinosaurs. Little boys and girls alike are fascinated by the giant creatures that use to roam the Earth. With imaginative play, they can make their toys come to life or watch movies to see dinosaurs. But often the movies are a bit too scary for young kids, and we like finding another way they can experience some of their favorite creatures.

Dinosaur A photicular Book reviewWe were sent a great way to do just that – watch Dinosaurs come to life! Dinosaur: A Photicular Book contains eight different photiculars that will bring different scenes with dinosaurs move in front of your eyes. What is a photicular? It’s basically a 3D image that moves as you move the book open and closed. A static image comes to life without any electricity, technology or needing to be plugged in. Each scene tells you more about what’s going on in the picture and you can relive moments unlike ones you’ve ever witnessed on the screen before.

Dinosaur: A Photicular Book is an amazing way for dinosaur fans of all ages to witness and experience dinos in a whole new way. What we really love about the book is that it is not only educational but is a book that will be used over and over again. We expect the binding of the book to give out before the pages and images do.

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