Walt Life Brings Disney Fandom to You Each Month in a Fun Package

walt life subscription box review

I’m on the quest to find the perfect subscription box for Disney fans. We’re fans in our house, and we’ve found some great contenders along the way. As Disney fans, we have our favorite movies and things we love to pick up at the park and not just any subscription box will do.

We were send a new (to us) subscription box to check out and unbox on our Youtube channel – Walt Life. It is the ultimate box filled with Disney items each month and you can have it curated just for you. When you order your Walt Life box you tell them your age, your gender and box preferences. You can even choose a snack box, a pin subscription and everything that will add a little pixie dust to your day.

From the moment we got the Walt Box we were excited to open it up, the box is already decorated and filled with Fandom nods you will absolutely love. But inside, we found items related to our favorite movies, items we can use every day and even a sweet treat and pin to add to our board.

We absolutely loved our Walt Life box, and I’m actually considering cancelling one of my other subscription boxes to get this one every month! Disney is a bit of a hike for frequent visits from Detroit, but this gives us a bit of Disney magic with every box!

Check out everything we got inside our Princess Walt Life box!

Check out our Walt Life Princess Box!

Get Your Walt Life Box here: https://www.waltlife.com/

Save 5% on your first box using code: WALTLIFE


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