Wall-Ah! Brings Care Bears Fun to Your Favorite Room

wall-ah care bear wall decal review

wall-ah care bear wall decal reviewDo you remember when your best friends were your favorite characters from your cartoons or movies? You wanted nothing more but to have them on your walls and have the newest toys. Now, it’s easy to make that come true for your kids by putting their favorite characters on the wall easily with Wall-Ah decals.

wall-ah care bear wall decal reviewI’m in that age group where all of our favorite toys and shows from our childhood are coming back and becoming popular again. I was excited when Wall-Ah offered us one of their new Care Bears wall decals to review, but since Goonie is a bit too old for them, and my boyfriend wont let me decorate our room with Care Bears I recruited a friend for this project. She selected the Care Bears Dream Big Wall-Ah decal for her children’s room. She loved the message and hoped that it would inspire her little ones to Dream Big throughout their lives.

wall-ah care bear wall decal reviewWhen the Wall-Ah decal arrived I was shocked at how big the box was – it was actually almost as tall as I am! The wall decal is 52″ x 35″ but it is on a larger sheet with the smaller hearts, flowers and balloons. The sheet itself was huge and was easy to unroll out of the box. Inside the box was also a smoothing tool for applying the decal to the wall.

wall-ah care bear wall decal reviewInstalling the Care Bears Dream Big Decal wasn’t exactly hard. The hardest part we experienced removing the main decal from the sheet without creating any tears or wrinkles in it. But once it was off, it was as simple as apply it to the wall and smooth it out. It helped having two people put up the main decal and using the smoother to make sure it went on smooth. The kids were so excited about the new decorations they wanted to help put up the smaller decals.

wall-ah care bear wall decal reviewWe distributed the smaller hearts, flowers and balloons throughout the room so both kids could enjoy them near their beds. The colors mixed in with the current wall art and you could feel the Care Bears magic through out the space.

There areĀ 39 different Care Bears Wall-Ah decals to choose from and they range from $89.99 to $199.99. They range from wall decals to full door covers and more. Each features a larger decal and smaller stickers to not just decorate one wall in your space, but the whole room.

wall-ah care bear wall decal reviewCan you feel their excitement about the new wall decor? They were bouncing on the bed and so happy for the new wall art. And the best part, when the youngest moves to her new room later this year – the Wall-Ah Care Bears wall decal can be taken down easily and put back up in her room. Wall-Ah decals can be reused over and over again, just carefully peel it off the wall and place back on the large sheet it came on, or carefully transfer it to it’s new home and install it again.

wall-ah care bear wall decal review


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