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Wahl Clip N’ Trim Product Review and Giveaway

Wahl Clip N' Trim
Part of being frugal is doing things yourself – from cooking, to cleaning, to repairing and yes, even cutting your hair! This is something I’ve done for years, unless I’m in the mood for a certain style. Normally it’s when my hair is all one length and I can handle it myself.

For years, my mother has cut my dad’s hair. It’s quicker, cheaper and easier than him going out to a barber shop. I have years of memories of him sitting in the kitchen and Mom cutting his hair – always with a bit of bickering.

Wahl Clip N' Trim

Wahl sent me a Clip ‘N Trim hair trimmer to review – I knew the perfect way to test it. When it first came in, I was surprised at how light the whole set was. There are 20 pieces in total, including interchangeable guards, scissors, a comb and the clipper. They all fit neatly in their case and can be easily stored and taken with you.

Because the Clip ‘N Trim has such a variety of guards, you can do a variety of lengths and styles. It’s shape makes it easy to trip sideburns, necklines and around ears. And it’s size is large enough to get a good sturdy grip – and best yet it’s ergonomic, making less strain on your hand!

So what was the verdict when Mom sat Dad down in the chair to cut his hair? She liked how smooth it was and how easy it was to cut his hair. He didn’t complain at all – actually he said, “that’s it? we’re done?” It was much cleaner and better cut than their old model, and didn’t have any pulling when she cleaned up the edges. The product is well made, light weight and ergonomic – what else can you ask for?

Wahl is giving one of my readers a pair of Clip ‘N Trim hair clippers! Make sure you enter below and thank them!

How can you win?
Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me if you ever cut your hair at home! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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130 thoughts on “Wahl Clip N’ Trim Product Review and Giveaway

  1. I don’t cut my own hair at home but my husband cuts his hair and the 3 boys hair at home & this would be great.

  2. I have started cutting my husbands hair about two months ago. We have saved do much money with having a new baby.

    1. I am excited to finally found a pair of clippers that are as good if not better then the ones a professional uses

  3. I cut my husband’s hair and his clippers just died. He’s been shaving it the last week until I can get another. Works out well for this 105+ weather. :o)

  4. My husband always cuts his and my sons hair at home. And their clippers are about wore out so this would be perfect.

  5. I cut my husband’s hair. Well I shave it rather..lol..But the one we have has about had it..ty for the giveaway 🙂

  6. Ive had a wahl clipper that was passed down from my father and Im still using it. I would love to win one for my son.

  7. My husband cuts his hair at home almost every week (required by his job) and most of the time we do my sons as well. I wish they could cut my hair for me lol

  8. When I had long, long hair, my husband would trim it for me and I’d trim my bangs. That went on for years until I decided to try short hair with layers, so now I go to a cheap place. We still cut my husband’s hair at home though! These clippers would come in super handy.

    1. I started to cut my hair myself because when I was a kid my mom did that typical ,Horrible bowl cut.
      In my 20s I had a girlfriend that cut my hair ( she was a hair stylist )and she taught me things that helped. I learned most of my techniques from her, so I have continued cutting my own hair into my 50s. One issue was the clippers were Really noisy.
      I have to say these Self Cut Pro clippers are a game changer . Small , Smooth , and quiet. Thank you

  9. I have been cutting my husband’s hair at home for 2 years now. We used to pay $15 for a single cut, and with him only having a few hairs left, I decided to start doing it myself!!! 😀

  10. I would love some new clippers. I cut my husband’s hair and 2 of my kids’ hair. We have 3 old pairs that don’t work good at all. They leave long hairs all over and sometimes pull their hair. This set would be nice to have!!

  11. I cut my husbands hair once a week and he needs a new pair.. and he cuts my sons hair once every other week or so, so we really would love to win these!!

  12. hubby’s and one son’s the other is double crowned and has to have it cut a certain way or he looks like a tqoheaded alfalfa. If people only ralized that they would save over 180 a year just on 2 peoples haircuts at home thats if they got them cut every 8 weeks like your suppose to !

  13. We could really use this because we cut a lot of hair at home. I have two boys and a hubby that I regularly use clippers on. We save a lot of money by not going to the salon.

  14. I bought my Husband a pair of clippers because we couldn’t afford him to spend 20-25 a week at the barber. I bought them 8 years ago and to think how much money we saved is crazy, lets just say the pair i got him was a Wahl set and has stood the test of time but are not quite as up to the challenge as they used to be. Would love to win him a new set!

  15. I don’t cut my own hair (it would be a disaster) HOWEVER, Lily probably would appreciate a set of clippers that didn’t pull every summer when I shave her coat off so she doesn’t get heat stroke in the Texas summer heat.

  16. My husband is in the Army, and has to have a good fresh haircut every week. Since it costs an arm and a leg for just one haircut, he’s been cutting his hair for most of his career. His clippers are on their way out now, though so a new set would be awesome.

  17. I cut my husbands hair at home. This would be great for him, his cutter broke and we haven’t replaced it yet.

  18. I have cut my hair with layers for 25 years and have never once came home so mad about the hairdresser messing up my hair. Also cut my families hair, except my daughters hair anymore, and cut my parents hair too, all through trial an error and help from books.

  19. I trim my daughter’s hair and cut her bangs. Now that I have a baby boy I will most likely cut his hair at home.

  20. We cut my husbands hair and my boys hair at home and are in need of new trimmers badly so these would be great!

  21. I have never cut my own hair but I’ve cut my mothers, niece and nephew, sister in law and trimmed up my son’s. I haven’t actually cut my little guys hair yet but these would be perfect for trimming around the ears that the hairdresser ALWAYS misses and I have to try to do it with scissors/comb.

  22. I am a hair stylist but have not worked in a salon in years. I love Wahl clippers because they give a excellent cut. I have used Wahl since I worked in a salon and now I use them for my family, husband, son and mother.

    1. My daughter cuts my hair for me, first time using a Wahl clipper looks like a great clipper, I’m sure I’ll be very pleased.

  23. I have been cutting my hair at home since high-school. I’ve tried other clipper brands & they just don’t last. I just purchased the Wahl ‘ Elite clippers and I really dig the smooth cut and how quiet this one is. Im so glad I made this purchase.

  24. With Covid these days: The self distancing, isolation, and closure of businesses has us not knowing when we’ll need to take things into our own hands. As the Boy Scouts would put it, “ Be Prepared!!!”

  25. I use my wall clippers three to four times a week because my hair grows so fast and I like keeping my high end tight and military haircut I also use it to trim my goatee and mustache. I’ve tried other brands such as Conair bra and Remington and they don’t even come close to the quality that wall brings to the table.

  26. I like cutting my own hair, I feel like I have more control, obviously, in how I want it to look! So having a really good clipper makes a huge difference! I just opened my Wahl clippers and i can tell they feel like professional clippers! If I screw it up, I just tell people “it’s supposed to look like that” the best part is, it will grow back!! I’m excited! Who needs a haircut?!?

  27. My husband now looks human after getting his hair cut and trimmed by our new hair clippers. Best investment since the beginning of the pandemic!

  28. Bought Whal Clip and trim and my wife cuts my hair for me ! Saved lots of money on haircuts and no waiting at the Barbers !!

  29. I only use Wahl brand products when I cut hair for all the guys in our family. I have never had an issue with blades getting dull, follow the great instructions tgat are included on how to care for your clippers and all will be good for a very long time.

  30. This is my second pair of Wahl clippers for home haircuts.
    I use them in between professional cuts to maintain a clean look until my next visit. It helps save money and time because my barber lives quite a distance away, I use public transportation as I have no car.

  31. I have always had to go to pay to get my hair cut and hope it turns out how I want. With the Whal, I cut my own hair for free and its just how I want it, as a matter of fact, it turns out better than it ever did and at home!!

  32. We do not need to win the Wahl, BUT if we do, we would want to donate to someone who could use it. We have a WAHL that is about 50 years old and have now purchased a new WAHL for our second home. I have been cutting my husbands hair since the pandemic. We inherited the older Wahl from a family member that passed. Used the new WAHL today. Viola, perfect job. 5 STAR. What else can I say.

  33. We are so pleased with our new hair clippers. The price is right and the cut if wonderful.
    Would highly recommend these clippers.

  34. I purchased the wahl clippers and love them. They are so effortless when cutting my wife cuts my hair. The small clippers are great for small trims and around my ears. I would recommend these to anyone cutting hair.

  35. Been using these for over a year (covid) and work really well. Could have saved
    a lot of money on haircuts if we had tried this earlier.

  36. Hello I have been cutting my hair at home for 20 years. This clipper is by far the fastest smoothest clipper yet! Very important to take extreme care for any clipper .I am very pleased with performance ,I hope the clipper lasts as long as I live! 56 years old now LOL!

  37. I sometimes cut my hair at home before retiring from the military. I did it because my wife’s definition of faddish (a no no in the military) and the military was different. She cuts it now but all the people I get looks from is church members and our children. She needs all the help she can get.

  38. I cut my boys hair at home on a regular basis, I only do fades though lol they prefer that style anyways. The Wahl Clippers do a fabulous job! We could always use another set of Wahl Clippers!:)

  39. I am79 and have been cutting my husbands hair for sixty years. This is the best clipper set by far, for ease of use and the instructions are so helpful! I wish I had the information included when I first started cutting hair with no experience. Thank you!

  40. I have cut my hair from time to time and would borrow my sons clippers. They would snag my hair at times and did not seem to give me the even cut I wanted. So my girlfriend bought me a Wahl and the difference was amazing not only was it a much better hair cut but the way it handled and the self shaping blade made it so easy with no snags. I was so impressed I bought one for my son as well. Thanks Wahl

  41. I always cut my husbands hair and we always use Wahl products. We have never had any issues and we will continue to use them. Thank you for your great products.

  42. i cut my hair with cheap clippers. i bought wahl deluxe chrome pro,what a difference.you can feel the power of the clipper first stroke.

  43. Nice,really nice i cut my hair my self and I love it,make my beard never was so easy with the trimmer

  44. I have been cutting my own hair for years now and have used nothing but a Wahl. Only the best for me.
    Highly recommend this razor.

  45. i love cutting my own hair and wouldnt even think about using anything but Wahl products. i have been cutting my own hair for about 6 years now and have never had an issue with Wahl its awesome every time.

  46. My wife of 53 years has cut my hair for over 30 years. We just replaced our old Wahl clippers with a new set. This is our third set of clippers. As I get older she is either getting faster or my hair is not as thick- guess which one is correct.

  47. Just purchased your Pro-Series Hair Clipper set , model # 79775 ! I just finished cutting my own hair, all by myself ! Done a great job, and my wife O.K’d it !

  48. Just bought the wallet pro clippers run smooth and dosnt pull hair good weight to it and love the case they added to the scissors my only critique is the case is a little flimsy wish they went with a zip up carry case instead but then again I didn’t buy it for the case

  49. Wife cuts my hair at home, and has for years. I have always bought Wahal hair cutting tools and Love them. Great Product and will not use any other hair cutting tools!!!

  50. I have been cutting my boys and hubby’s hair for years. Not a pro by any means but I have honed my skills over the years. Finally was able to upgrade to the Wahl deluxe chrome pro. I absolutely love this clipper. Perfect weight, nice amount of power and cuts like a dream. It came with a touch up trimmer which the guys have enjoyed for facial trimming. Also the usual add ons. Highly recommend this clipper for the do it yourselfers. Can’t go wrong with Wahl brand.

  51. Never cut my hair at home until today! I bought the Wahl Clip & Trim and I must say I do believe I did as good a job as the salon. It’s easy to use, just follow the instructions and the job was done. I’ll be saving quite a bit of $$ by not going to the salon every month! Highly recommend this set!

  52. We cut my husband’s hair for the 1st time with our new Wahl kit. So easy to use and I must say I did a good job. He likes his new cut and we are saving hime time and money not having to go out to get it cut.

  53. Great product. I can now do home hair cuts like the pros but don’t have to pay high prices like the pros charge.

  54. I’ve used home clippers before but nothing as great as my new Wahl clippers. Made of real metal, not plastic, it is truly a pleasure to use. I cut my own hair and nothing else compares to my new clippers. I hope the plastic guides hold up. Other brand’s have broken rather quickly. These are pretty new, so we will see.

  55. I bought my husband a Wahl hair and beard clipper set and he loves it. My son likes it too so I got him a set for Christmas. I would highly recommend the Wahl brand clipper set .

  56. We have old Wahl clipper set so i decided to order a new set as Christmas and birthday present for my husband. I use it everytime i cut his hair and he loves it. Planning to order one more set for my sister. I highly recommend this Wahl brand clippers.

  57. After getting my haircut by the same girl for many many years. She was having her 3rd baby and she told me she didnt think shed be cutting hair until they were grown. I started cutting my own hair and since she had always used wahl clippers I knew what kind to buy and use. They have always been top notch clippers. Love to win some.

  58. I cut my dads hair at home and he really like it. The clipper were so smooth and they cut very good to the skin leaving so patches or anything….very very smooth glide down his head and no cuts.

  59. My mother has been cutting our Families hair since i was two. Dad mom brother sister and her sister for many years. We are on our third set of clippers.
    i am now in my 40s so long time. we only use WAHL products. The new one worked so well and glides so easy. thank you for a wonderful product.

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