VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review and Giveaway

kidizoom smart watch review

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review
Technology is updating and changing faster than we can keep up with. And I swear that kids are born with a technology chip in their heads that allows them to work with the newest technology before they can even talk. We can’t keep phones and tablets away from Goonie, but we can make sure that if he does interact with technology it will help him learn.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

VTech toys has just released their Kidizoom Smartwatch, and sent one for Goonie to review. Over the years we’ve had several different VTech products in the house, not only are they great for him to play with but they help him learn and grow as well.

At five years old, Goonie has just started Kindergarten. He already knows his alphabet, his numbers and can even read some. One thing that he’s also been learning is how to tell time and this is one of the things that the Kidizoom Smartwatch is great for! Not only can you switch between a digital style watch, but you can also set it in analog as well. This is perfect when they are learning how to tell time with the big hand and the little hand!

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

I will admit, I am a little jealous that Goonie has a smart watch before I do. So much so, I actually tried it on. I wear an 8 1/2″ bracelet and the watch fit me perfectly and even had some extra space for adjustment. It also had some great features that I didn’t want to give it up to him. We may have teased him as we tested it out, and told him that there weren’t games on it before we gave it to him.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

Before we could hand the Kidizoom smart watch off to Goonie we had to set it up. After it’s initial charge, you have to set teh date and time. You do have the choice to do both a 12 hour watch system or a 24 hour system if you’re heading out of the country. But set up was quick and easy with a touch interface and a rotary style dial for numbers and time.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Review

Even though we teased Goonie that there weren’t games on his new Kidizoom Smartwatch, he knew we were just kidding. As soon as we put it on his tiny wrist (for him the band was at the smallest setting), he started playing with it. He was able to choose a game he wanted to play, switch the time interface and his favorite feature to take photos and videos.

The camera of the Kidizoom Smartwatch is on the side, and you can easily take a video or photo by using the button on the side or touching the screen. The camera location is pretty concealed, so your child can take photos on the sly and go into sleuth mode! Since it’s attached to their wrists, it’s a lot harder for them to lose their camera. To get the picture you simply connect the smart watch with the USB connector that you charge it with.

Besides the fun learning games on the Kidizoom Smartwatch it’s a great tool for Goonie to finish learning how to tell time. The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is now available on their website as well as Amazon!

VTech is giving one of lucky reader a Kidizom Smartwatch for their little one – be careful, you may want to keep it yourself! Be sure you read how to enter below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite educational toy is! You can come back daily and comment again for additional entries – tell me you favorite features about the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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Giveaway will close at 11:59 PM on 9/9/2014.
The VTech product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech


  1. My favorite educational toys are probably still the classics – LEGOs, blocks, building tools! But the smartwatch sure looks like fun!

  2. I like that is has a camera feature- and I really like that it stays connected to their hand- can’t drop or lose- would be great for trips and I would love to win for my nephew!

  3. my kids love their leapfrog and my favorite feature is that it stays on your wrist!!! and that is a camera that is kid friendly! i love this!

  4. I dont have kids but my niece loves those books with the pens that help them learn to read. This watch would be great for my nephew!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I love that their are games that aren’t only fun but educational. My niece loves her little ipad to play games on too! She learns a lot!

  6. i would have to say my son’s samsung galaxy kid tab! it was already preloaded with educational/fun apps and then he was able to download his own apps without disrupting my bank account or anything of the sort..it was a learning experience


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