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innotab max review
Sometime’s kids get the coolest toys, and there seems to be more of them coming out all the time. VTech has just released their InnoTab Max 7 inch multi-touch screen tablet, for kids 3 to 9 years old. It comes pre-loaded with apps and games for kids of different learning levels and they wanted Goonie to test it out, so they sent him one to review.

innotab max review

The VTech InnoTab Max comes with a partial charge and everything you child will need to get started playing and learning. It also comes with it’s stylus, a tester cartridge with trial games and pre-loaded with a couple stories and games to start out. All of the games and apps are educator supported and there are currently over 650 different titles for your children to play with.When you first power on the InnoTab Max you will notice that the apps have different age levels and options. This will allow you to find the right game for your little one to start with, and they can grow with your child.

innotab max review

Right off the bat, one of my favorite things about the InnoTab Max is the design. Not only is it made from a sturdy plastic, but it has a built in case, so you wont have purchase another protective case for the tablet. It even has a handle built in, so your child can easily grab it and take it with them on the go. The back has a large slot to insert the cartridges to add more games, apps and more. It even has an expandable SD card slot, and while the tablet comes automatically with 8 GB of storage, you can expand it to 40 GB of storage! There is even an HDMI connector so your child can share their pictures, videos, stories and more with the whole family!
innotab max review

innotab max review

But besides exterior case design, the tablet has some pretty awesome features. When you first turn on the tablet, you have the option to run it under parental mode, guest or your child’s personal account. You have complete control over what your child is doing, are able to check and see what they’ve been doing, monitor how long they’ve playing and more. But under the Parental Control option, you have full access to a 7″ Android tablet and can keep your apps separate from your child’s games.The buttons are easy to find, and one you will immediately look for is the volume. The tablet is for young users, so making sure they can easily control the volume and apps is important. But since the main users are little, VTech made sure that it was not only easy for them to use, but the tablet also audibly tells them what to do and how to reach their games. This makes it extremely easy for them to play without as much help from their parents or siblings.

innotab max review

So besides the InnoTab Max being a lot of fun for your kids, it is great for them to play learning games and interact with it. From games for different age groups, a camera that can also shoot video, story books and even other learning apps – there is so much your kids can do with it!The InnoTab Max is great for kids from age 3-8 but has the possibility to grow with them, and even beyond the age max. It’ll be great for not only the holidays, but upcoming trips and more!

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  1. I love that it covers a broad age range and grows with the child! We’ve tried other systems that lacked that feature and it was disappointing to need to replace so soon.

  2. Excited to see more age appropriate tablets for toddlers. Owen would be getting this so my iPad can be saved from 2 year old hands πŸ™‚

  3. I love that it has a built-in case already!! If I won, I would give it too my oldest son for Christmas!! Thank you!!

  4. I really like that 4 of my kids could play on this and there is age appropriate apps for each one. I’d like to win for my youngest

  5. games for different age groups, a camera that can also shoot video, story books == its a perfect share gift for a larger family for Christmas

  6. The InnoTab Max is great for kids from age 3-8 but has the possibility to grow with them, and even beyond the age max and I would give this to my nephews they would love this.

  7. If I won the Vtech Innotab Max, I would give it to my 6 yr old son as a Christmas gift but I am pretty sure my 4 yr old son would love to play with it too! Thank you!!

  8. I would give this to my Granddaughter, she will love how easy it is to use. I’m glad it is built to stand up to a active child.

  9. I love that it has a built in case, we have had huge trouble trying to find a baby friendly iPhone case. My 4 yr old daughter would be getting this.

  10. My 5 year old granddaughter will be getting this if I win. I love that it is wifi enabled so she can send me messages to my phone.

  11. I would give the Innotab Max to my nephew this holiday season. I think he will love and gain a lot of knowledge from the preloaded learning apps and games.

  12. I love that the screen size is so much bigger on this one. I would give it to my three sons for Christmas if I won. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. My daughter would get the Innotab so she would have a tablet I felt a little more safe for her to play on. Thanks for the chance!


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