VTech Flipsies Sandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser is off on New Adventures

VTech Flipsies Sandy's House and Ocean Cruiser Review

VTech Flipsies Sandy's House and Ocean Cruiser ReviewIn an ideal world, we could change what we’re wearing, what we do and even our hear in a second. But in the world of VTech Flipsies, the Flipsies can do just that. We were sent VTech’s Flipsies Sandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser to review and entered the world of Flipsies and all of the possibilities.

VTech Flipsies Sandy's House and Ocean Cruiser ReviewSandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser is a 2 in one toy, that comes with Sandy (one of the Flipsies dolls), her ocean cruiser that turns into a play house and even 21 accessories for the doll. Each Flipsies doll is also a 2 in one toy, with different hair, outfits, she can flip into another persona.

VTech Flipsies Sandy's House and Ocean Cruiser ReviewBesides the initial set up with a few pieces that snap into place, the ocean cruiser comes with around 20 larger stickers that need to be put in place. While they’re not tiny stickers, putting them in place and on straight may take the hand of a parent instead of a kid who will want to help. But once it’s assembled, the Ocean Cruiser is ready to hit the (imaginative) water.

VTech Flipsies Sandy's House and Ocean Cruiser ReviewSandy comes with a lot of fun accessories like two place settings so she can have a friend over for dinner, an alternate outfit, and goggles. She also comes with a dolphin with a harness so she can go for a ride. Sandy really wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up and this set allows her and your child to explore that possibility. Her ocean cruiser is fully loaded with a full kitchen, living area, dining, a bedroom, a hot tub and a zip line. Sandy has a pretty sweet ride, and it can take your child on so many different adventures with her.

VTech Flipsies Sandy's House and Ocean Cruiser ReviewWe loved so many things about the VTech Flipsies Sandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser set. Besides the amount of items included, everything was made very sturdily. Some of the smaller pieces are too small for children under 3, but otherwise everything will hold up for a long time. The set isn’t pieced together with bits of cardboard, but everything is thick plastic. Sandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser comes with everything you need to play with including a Sandy doll, and you can add additional dolls to the set.

VTech Flipsies Sandy's House and Ocean Cruiser ReviewEvery Flipsies doll, including Sandy has two connection points – one for standing and one for sitting. When the dolls are placed on one of the eight connectors in the set, the charm on her chest lights up and she says a phrase associated with that section of the play set. From telling us her favorite treat is cookies and milk, to she loves any place with water, Sandy is easy to play with and helps encourage imaginative play. The set is created to include spaces for additional Flipsies dolls, and once they’re connected together in a section the dolls will have a conversation together. It was neat seeing how the doll is able to interact with her space, and we can’t wait to see how she works with other dolls. One thing we really appreciated was several of her statements included healthy choices, and not just junk food (although she does seem to have a sweet tooth!)

The Flipsies all have the dream jobs we wish we could have, and Sandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser is no exception. You can find out more about VTech’s Flipsies on their website or on the Flipsies website where you can find out about each doll’s personality!



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