Voltron Cupcake Tutorial For Your Next Party #Voltron

voltron cupcake tutorial

Voltron CupcakesI’m always amazed when I go to events and they have food themed for the event. When we were at DreamWorks last month not only did they decorate their Lagoon area in Voltron themed items, but the cupcakes for me stole the show. So I was thrilled when they sent us a tutorial on how to make them. Of course, I was a little bummed they weren’t gluten free, but you can make your own cupcakes and top them using the tutorial.

How amazing would it be to have these at your own Voltron Party? The show is out now, and it’s the perfect excuse to have a party and binge watch the whole series. Check out how to make the cupcakes below and of course, tune into Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix now!

Haven’t checked out Voltron Legendary Defender yet? Check out this amazing clip and tune in!


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