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vitakraft drops review
vitakraft drops with peanut

While we get a lot of goodies in the house for us to review, sometimes the smallest members of the household feel left out. They sit there and watch as we have snacks, different goodies or a new toy to play with. You can tell in their eyes that they’re jealous.

Luckily for Kiki, Pudgy and Bear Vitakraft sent us some of their Yogurt Drop treats just for them! They didn’t know what to do – how to keep in their excitement. Like I often have to remind other members of the house “You can have some after I get pictures”. I don’t think they really understood, or wanted to – they just knew as soon as that bag came out it was for them!

begging for vitakraft

I mean look at those faces – can you tell them “NO”? We had to try them right away! I think they have a bit of a sense of when things are for them before they even come out of the box!

The girls were so excited to get a treat! And we were excited for them to try them. Vitakraft is part of the Sunseed brand, a brand we’ve used for years for other pets we’ve had like birds and rabbits. It’s a brand we were familiar with so it was one we had no problem giving them.

vitakraft dog treats

Each bag of Vitakraft yogurt drops contains about 200 drops. Your dog should get 5-10 at a time as a treat depending, of course, on their size. Each drop has a bit of peanut inside and they’re coated in a fun yogurt outside.

The girls couldn’t wait to try them, just giving them a sniff they all rushed in to get the treats as soon as possible! Not only did they like the treats they were begging for more!

We loved being able to provide the girls a treat from a company we knew and trust. And they loved having a review just for them.

Vitakraft wants one of my readers dogs to try their great yogurt drops. You can read how you can enter below!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me your dogs favorite treat!  If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

Find VitaKraft Sunseed Online:

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  1. My dog’s favorite treats are pretty much anything she can get a hold of! 🙂 She is about 6 months old so she loves chewing. We give her rawhide bones and she LOVES those but we just found a new chew bone that’s healthier for her to chew all day if she wants. It’s called the Himalayan Dog Chew and they come in different sizes. It’s made from yak milk and cow milk! It’s pretty cool!

  2. My dog loves peanut butter. I put some in a kong (pet toy) to keep her from barking when I vaccum! 🙂 Zoey would really like the peanut drops.

  3. my dogs love any treat really, i think they love the word treat too, if you say treat in front of my dogs they go crazy and start jumping around at the treat cabinet, its too funny

  4. Otis’s favorite treat is, well, pretty much anything. We keep a jar of mixed treats near the door, and he gets a goodie when he comes in.


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