Visiting Uranus – A Fudge Factory and a Tourist Trap You Must Visit!

uranus missouri

We’ve all been on a road trip and seen a sign for a tourist trap that we just cannot skip. And if you’re passing through Missouri, you may have seen the signs for Uranus. The first sign we laughed at, by the second we were making a plan to stop off and check out what this town with a funny name would offer us besides a place to use the bathroom.

Right off of old Route 66, and sitting on Highway Z, Uranus started as a tourist trap with a play on the city’s name. Stop off at the Uranus Fudge Factory and find candy and moonshine with punny names. Be greeted as you enter by shop workers yelling “Welcome to Uranus” and leave to “Thanks for Picking Uranus!” The stop is worth the laughs alone.

Besides instagram worthy photo opportunities, Uranus offers guests a place to shop, a place eat, an escape room, pool hall, a bar, a museum an even the World’s Largest Belt Buckle. There is something for everyone and gives you something to laugh and a couple hours of a good time.

Go for the laugh and the photos, and find one of your new stop offs if you’re heading down I-44 and traveling through the area. It may just become the butt of your jokes for months to come.


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