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the bfg movie review

the bfg movie reviewWhat happens when a book that you loved as a child comes to the big screen? A book you read over and over again because it was not only magical but it captured your heart. You head to the movie and watch it while holding your breath – hoping the movie doesn’t disappoint you. It’s often a very tricky situation and the one I found myself in at the early screening of The BFG.

The BFG or Big Friendly Giant is based on the 1982 book by Roald Dahl. Even if you don’t know his books, there’s a good chance you know other movies based on his magic stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda and The Witches. All feature strong child characters who are put into extraordinary situations with a twist of magic and fantasy tossed in. The stories are always over the top, ridiculous even and that’s only part of the reason they capture the hearts of children and often never let go.

As a child that grew up with Roald Dahl books, I’ve always been a fan of the movies as they came out, and was cautiously optimistic when they decided to release The BFG. The trailers for the movie started to calm my fears of my favorite book being torn apart and was brought in the magic that only Disney could bring to the film.

When you first watching The BFG and the Big Friendly Giant is introduced, you might be a bit confused trying to figure out what he’s saying. The BFG speaks Gobblefunk, a made up language by Roald Dahl just for the character. If you’re not familiar with the book be sure to check out the The BFG Gobblefunk Glossary released by Disney that might make it a little easier to understand. It does get easier as you watch the movie of course, and his goofy way of speaking helps build the unique character that is The BFG.

The movie is full of spectacular graphics and animation. There are scenes that take your breath away in their beauty and others that will have you laughing until you cry. Besides bringing the book beautifully to the screen, the movie also leaves the book intact. There are the scary giants like in the book, but their fight scenes are minimal and there aren’t any really scary parts for kids. The original book was dedicated to Olivia, Roald Dahl’s daughter who died in 1962. The movie, like the story in the book, was set around the 1960’s time frame and there are cultural references in the movie that parents (and grandparents) will get and snicker at.

Overall, the story stays true to the magic that was in Roald Dahl’s book, and fans of the book wont be disappointed in this adaptation. I am amazed at how quickly the movie can transport you back to childhood and what you imagined as you read the book. The BFG will not disappoint you, and you should be sure to check it out in theaters!

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Check out the “Brave Sophie” Featurette and clip from the movie below:

“The BFG Visits Buckingham Palace” Film Clip


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