Vermont Waygu Brings Your Meals to the Next Level

Vermont Waygu Review

Let’s face it – at this point we’re all in a cooking rut. We’ve made the meals we all know how to make twenty times at least. Our families are sick of the same ingredients and we need something to break us out of that cycle.

Over the past several months we’ve been trying to add new flavors and ingredients into our meals and to shake things up just a bit. This helps keep meal time interesting but it also continues to shape our pallets as we go. So when Vermont Waygu reached out to see if we’d try some of their products, we jumped at the chance. Having only had Waygu beef a couple other times, we instantly started coming up with recipe ideas and how to add it to our menu.

Waygu beef comes from a specific breed of Japanese cows, this type of cow is actually raised in a few places in the country since the 1970’s, including at Vermont Waygu. Wagyu were selected for their physical endurance and this selection favored animals with more intra-muscular fat cells. The fat cell ‘marbling’ – which provided a readily available energy source, is what creates the silky texture Wagyu meat is known for. This marbling is caused by both the natural makeup of the cattle, as well as the high attention to detail in raising Wagyu properly. Let’s just say, Waygu cows are well taken care of.

And the result of that care and mix of genetics? A flavor filled and juicy steak that anyone can enjoy. Vermont Waygu sent us some of their sausages and ground beef to try out – and even in our every day recipes, it took them to a new level. Sausage and peppers tasted different, burgers more flavorful. It seems weird to say, but just changing one ingredient changed dinner completely.

Vermont Waygu offers a variety of different Waygu beef products in different price ranges. If you’re looking to change up your meal plans or just the taste of your regular meals – this is great way to mix things up.


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