Vengeance Takes Viewers for a Ride

Vengeance Movie Review
Ashton Kutcher as Quentin Sellers and B.J. Novak as Ben Manalowitz in' 'Vengeance,' written and directed by B.J. Novak and released by Focus Features.

Part comedy and part thriller, Vengeance will bit hitting theaters this weekend. And while the movie left us guessing what was supposed to be funny and what was supposed to be taken seriously throughout most of it, it is one movie that definitely caught our attention along the way, especially at the end.

(L to R) Boyd Holbrook as Ty Shaw and B.J. Novak as Ben Manalowitz in VENGEANCE, written and directed by B.J. Novak and released by Focus Features. Credit: Patti Perret / Focus Features

The movie follows Ben as he heads down to Texas after he gets a call that his girlfriend was found dead. The only issue, he had only had a passing relationship with her. Being a journalist and a podcaster, he takes the opportunity to insert himself into her family and the world she lived in to discover what actually happened. Not only does he find himself engrossed in the local lifestyle, but he even finds himself falling for – through these interactions.

Throughout the whole film, Ben is confronted with the difference in what he’s experiencing in Texas compared to what he’s used to in New York City. From the rodeo, oversized belt buckles, and the obsession with Whataburger – the movie highlights what most might think are comical stereotypes of the experience in Texas. But instead, it highlights the regional and cultural differences. While most of these are set up as a laugh and a joke, they surely will land differently with Texans than they will with viewers in the north.

The movie also dances around the hot topic of journalistic responsibility and the consequences of reporting without considering the people involved. It highlights the toll reporting can have on a family, or community and even the appeal of the fast fame that media can give others as well.

While dancing the line between comedy and mystery at the same time, Vengeance will pull you through the movie and make you wonder who actually was the murderer, and what will become of the story as Ben pieces it all together.

Vengeance is now in theaters and will take viewers for a ride from the beginning to the end. Even if at times the movie seems a little confused about what it wants to be, in the end, it’s one that will no doubt win audiences over.

Overall Rating:

Four Star Review

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About Vengeance:

A radio host from New York City attempts to solve the murder of a girl he hooked up with and travels down south to investigate the circumstances of her death and discover what happened to her.


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