Vendees Introduces Surprise Toys and Crafts for Kids


One of the greatest joys as a kid is getting one of those surprises out of a vending machine. It only costs a couple of quarters and you never know what you will end up with. As a kid, you may have ended up with a lot of random toys you didn’t want this way – but it was the joy and surprise of what you would get in that little capsule.

In the past couple of years we’ve seen a rise in surprise toys, blind bags and sets that bring that excitement at home. Parents love them too – because it is a bit more controlled and the results are more likely to be something the kids are going to love. And bringing back the joy of that nostalgia is Vendees – a surprise toy set that your kids not only get six different surprises but they come with a craft or activity that your kids will love doing later. No more just one disappointing surprise from a crank on the vending machine – instead an afternoon or more of fun in one gift.

Inside each Vendees box is a personal vending machine in one box. With three capsules of surprises in each one with it’s own distribute chute, a roll of stickers bracelets and mores. And the top of each machine where you can see inside? You can find a unicorn art set, nail polish kits, lip balm kits or one to make bath bombs.

Vendees are available online now and offer a variety of sets. Their affordable price makes them a fun gift on their own and with the six different surprises inside – plus the activity for kids to do – they’re a great all in one gift at one price point. It’s full of fun, sparkle and creativity and something that your kids are going to love getting.

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