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Valentine Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life from 1800 Baskets!

Foodie Gift Basket

We all know one, or have a Foodie in your life – or you may even be one yourself. They know food, they love food and let’s admit it – they’re hard to shop for! But this year you can send them a selection of gourmet goodies to try out and enjoy for Valentine’s Day. 1-800-Baskets sent me one of their food baskets to review, and it’s full of delicious treats for both me and my boyfriend.

Foodie Gift Basket

The basket 1-800-Baskets sent me the Tempting Tastes Gourmet Gift Baskets, filled with Godiva Chocolate, Mini Baguettes, Spreadable Herb Cheese, Flat Bread, Roasted Peanuts and other delectable treats. The packages are small so each has a sampling of the snacks inside, but it’s a great way to try a new product and see if it’s something you want to order more.

Besides the scrumptious edible treats, each food basket from 1-800-Baskets comes with, of course, a basket that can be reused around the house. This is one of my of my favorite gift types, ones that can be enjoyed again and again as the years go by.  The basket is a formed cardboard so it shouldn’t be used with really heavy stuff if you reuse it to organize or for decorations. I want to also add the ribbon and decoration can be reused and were absolutely adorable as well.

Foodie Gift Baskets

The Tempting Tastes Gourmet Gift Basket was perfect for our household. Not all of the items inside are gluten free, of course, but our house isn’t 100% gluten free. My boyfriend is loving the bread options, pretzels, and crackers, while I’ve snuck off with the chocolate, brittle and toffee. It has snacks inside for the sweet and savory food lovers inside this basket.

Foodies may be hard to shop for, but if you send them gourmet goodies they wont be disappointed. You can find gifts for foodies, your sweetie and more on 1-800-Basket’s website. Check out their Valentine’s Day Basket Options for the Foodie or anyone in your life.

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