Upgrading Your Garden? Here’s Why Pools and Tubs Make Great Additions

Upgrading Your Garden? Here’s Why Pools and Tubs Make Great Additions

The national home ownership has risen to over 64% last year and the majority of new, first time buyers are millennials who prefer nice lawns and gardens over updated kitchens when choosing a property. This strengthens the appreciation of Americans for their lawns and gardens with 79% saying that a lawn is important when buying or renting a home. Outdoor spaces are valued for their ability to offer a relaxing and safe sanctuary as well as a place where you can entertain or socialize. One of the ways to optimize a garden is to add water elements. Water is proven as a relaxing element whether you are immersing in it, swimming or simply hanging out by the side of a pool.

Innovative and Luxurious Swimming Pools

Whether you choose an in ground or above ground swimming pool, there are many benefits of building one. You get to swim whenever you want, cool off in the summer, and even entertain by the poolside. Installing a pool will also increase the value of your house by as much as 6-11% according to US News & World Report.

Another way to spruce up your outdoor space is to install pool lights that will help create a cozy or even a romantic ambience. Linton’s In The Garden’s website demonstrates various techniques to make your swimming pool attractive and functional at the same time including installation of energy-efficient lights, building a swim up bar or even adding sun shelves.

Hot Tubs and Spas

In addition to a lavish swimming pool, you can also add a hot tub as a standalone piece or adjacent to the pool if there is enough room. Build your own home spa with a Jacuzzi. Nowadays, there are many types of hot tubs in the market that will suit your preferences and pockets.

If space is a problem, you can install a hot tub that is big enough for you to swim in and at the same time, relax.  They are usually fitted with the same features of a hot tub, but are twice or thrice the size making it possible to hold more people. Some swim spa models may also have swim up bars.

Using Technology to Maintain Pools and Tubs

One of the main disadvantages of installing swimming pools or tubs is that they are costly to maintain and take time. Fortunately, technological advancements these days also include fuss-free systems that require very little work or time from you. Consider installing a computerized water treatment for your pool that will include built-in chlorine dispensers, automated testing, and water treatment. You can even access real time info from your devices to monitor and control the water quality of your pool. 

Energy-efficient tubs and pools also save water and electricity, having a pool does not mean wasting loads of water and power just to run and keep it spotless. This is possible when your tub has in integrated power consumption monitoring. Check out allaboutpools.org for more information on pool maintenance to stay clean and safe for use.

Outdoor living is as important as indoor living. Home improvements such as sprucing up your garden by installing pools and hot tubs not only make your outdoor space attractive, they also create a place where you can relax, unwind, exercise, entertain, and socialize.  

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