Upgrade Your Water Balloon Fights with Water Wubbles #WaterWubble

water wubble review

water wubble reviewGrowing up, one of our favorite things to do in the summer was to have water balloon fights. It’s always a ton of fun to throw loaded water balloons at friends and get them soaking wet in the process. There was always two problems with them – we had to clean up broken balloons out of the yard afterwards and it always seemed to be over too fast. But this summer, we’re upping our water balloon game with Water Wubbles!

water wubble reviewWe were sent a Water Wubble set to review and try out. Over the last couple of years we’ve tested several different Wubble products, but I will admit right away that Water Wubbles are my favorite so far. Each package of Water Wubbles comes with 8 Water Wubbles – 4 red and 4 blue. Water Wubbles are made of the same heavy grade silicone that the previous products were. They will stretch, self seal and wont pop when you throw them. That doesn’t mean they are puncture resistant – so still take caution to keep them away from sharp objects. But you can reuse them over and over again without having to buy new balloons for each water fight – and there wont be any plastic to pick up in the lawn.

water wubble reviewUnlike previous Wubble products, you wont need a pump or can of air to fill them up. Instead, Water Wubbles can be filled multiple ways from your hose, to the sink, to in the pool or even a water bottle in a pinch! You simple open up the top and slide it over the opening and fill it up. The self sealing opening actually is pretty long, as a note – keep that part inside the Water Wubble or as you are trying to remove it from the water source you will get wet! But since Water Wubbles stretch – you can put a ton of water in each of them and really soak who ever you’re throwing them at. They will act like regular balloons and will fly through the air – the only difference is you can use them over and over again.

water wubble reviewWhile Water Wubble balloons will “self seal” after you fill them – they are not completely water tight. And really, we don’t want them to be! If you are pre-loading your Water Wubbles for your next water balloon fight, be sure you keep an eye on where the opening is, they will leak slightly if you put them in upside down.

water wubble reviewThere are so many reasons I’m loving the Water Wubble this year including the fact we only have to buy one package for the summer, and we can keep using them. But when you are done playing for the day you can simply squeeze them to get the extra water out of them. Let them dry out and they’re ready for the next time for your play! It’s about time someone came up with something like this!

You can find Water Wubbles at Target or online – it’s time to update that water balloon fight.



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