Brabantia bo touch trash bin review

Upgrade Your Garbage with a Bo Touch Bin

Brabantia bo touch trash bin reviewTrash. It’s something no one ever wants to talk about but it’s something we all have to deal with. We live in a highly consumer driven society, and with that comes a lot of packaging. Even if you cook from scratch, we all produce a lot of trash every day. Years ago, we picked up a trash can at the store for $7 – it was plastic with a rotating lid and has worked for years. But over time, even with bags, it has gotten dirty, it smells and we seriously needed an upgrade.

Brabantia bo touch trash bin reviewIt was love at first sight when I first met the Bo Touch bin, it has a simple design and the elevated nature makes it easier to clean under it. The interior comes in three different formats so you can choose what works better for your lifestyle including one large trash bin, a medium and a small trash bin or three small ones. So when Brabantia sent us one to review we were happy to except the two bin model.

Brabantia bo touch trash bin reviewWhen the Bo Touch Bin arrive I was shocked at the overall footprint and the interior space. The larger of the two bins holds 23 L and the smaller container holds 11 L, putting the interior space to about the size of the trash can we’ve had for years. But the split design allows us to put our recycling or compost on one side while keeping the trash to the other side.

Brabantia bo touch trash bin reviewBoth bins remove completely and have their own custom sized bags. The Bo Touch Bin comes with a sample selection of 3 bags for each bin that fit perfectly to each containers. But you can use bags you already have on hand if you don’t want to use the bags provided or order more.

Brabantia bo touch trash bin reviewThe smaller bins inside at first seemed like they would be a problem, but we found that we actually empty the Bo Touch Bin the same frequency we changed the trash bags in our older trash can. Instead we save space from having a separate containers for our trash, recycling and compost we can keep it all in one location.

Brabantia bo touch trash bin reviewAs the name suggests, the Bo Touch Bin has a touch lid system. You can simply tap the top and it opens up. The only downside to this is the plastic lid will show finger prints over time. But being plastic it’s easy to wash and keep clean. The lid seals well too so it keeps all of the smells from the trash locked inside and the trash can stays clean.

With a simple and elegant design, as well as an interior you can choose to fit your life – the Bo Touch Bin is the perfect trash can to upgrade your kitchen. It is an investment in the design and style that it brings your kitchen, but the functionality is well worth the cost. Trash isn’t a topic that we want to talk about, but we can make it a little pretty with a Bo Touch Bin.

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