Upgrade Your Bread Box and Food Storage with Vacuvita

vacuvita review

vacuvita reviewIt takes a special type of item to actually get permanent counter space in my house. For years, I fought a battle with having too small of a kitchen and no counter space. So now, anything that will stay out has to be used constantly or wow me enough to make me want to use it. I never thought that a bread box would win a space on my counter, but that’s exactly what the Vacuvita did. Now, calling the Vacuvita a breadbox doesn’t do the product justice – it is so much more.

vacuvita reviewWhen I first saw the Vacuvita at IHHS earlier this spring it instantly wowed me and we were excited to review it when they sent one to us. It’s sleek design makes it easy to fit into any decor. The Vacuvita Complete Home System comes with the home base, storage bags in both Large and Medium that are great for food storage or Sous Vide cooking and 4 food containers. The Vacuvita home base works perfect for storage of baked goods, dry goods or even fruit directly on the counter. It pulls out the extra air and even with bread can add at least a week to your food’s life.

vacuvita reviewThe Vacuvita doesn’t just hold things, you can hook up the included hose and use it to remove the air from the food storage containers and storage bags. Hooking up the hose was easy and switching from using the home base and the extension was seamless and easy. The head fits easily on the food containers and bags, and can be used with other products if you have them already.

vacuvita reviewOne of the most innovative things with the Vacuvita is the food storage containers. No, a food container isn’t new but how Vacucita made theirs is. The dishwasher, microwave safe and freezer safe containers can be used with the vacuum hose extension to remove air and slowing the aging of the food inside. Each container has a QR code on the front that can be scanned into the Vacuvita app when you fill it. The app will remind you when you should use the food so it wont go bad, and you can monitor how long until you should use your items. No more losing items in the back of the fridge to find them later.

vacuvita reviewWe’ve been using the Vacuvita for a while┬ánow, and can’t believe how easy it is to use. Even right out of the box, you just slide in the items you want and close the lid. Instantly you’ll hear the air being removed and you know your food is secure inside. The front lights up blue when in use and you can simply press the handle and the lid releases. When the top releases, it has a sci-fi style air release and your food is instantly ready to be enjoyed. The button can be a little sensitive – we had a curious kitten activate it with his nose – but it did not open the container completely.

The Vacuvita Complete Home system is a must have if you’re serious about food storage and well worth the counter space. The home base does measure 11.8 x 18.5 x 8.3 in so it does take up a good amount of real estate. But the ease of use, the flexibility of daily use to longer food storage – the Vacuvita will quickly become one of your favorite appliances.


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