goverre wine glass review

Update Your Wine Glass with Goverre

goverre wine glass review

For years, the wine glass hasn’t really changed. Yes, there are different shapes for different for different occasions and different varietals, but it’s still a goblet and shaped like glasses that have been used for centuries. How can wine glasses really be different? Is there a way to update the design, make it work for a modern lifestyle.

goverre wine glass reviewIf you are going to your family holiday party, the beach, or hanging out with your friends and don’t feel like drinking your wine from a plastic glass – it’s time to grab a Goverre wine glass. Not only is it the only glass to-go wine cup on the market. The glass cup, silicone sleeve, and drink-through lid are all dishwasher safe and perfect for the busy (or clumsy!) wine lover.

What we love about Goverre is you can take your favorite wine with you to whatever party you are going to. Since the glass is actually made from glass, instead of plastic, you wont have any weird flavor transfer. The silicone sleeve serves more than one purpose. Not only does it protect your glass by making it harder to drop and gives some cushion when you do actually drop it (trust me we have done it a few times now), but it also helps regulate the temperature. That’s right – your hands aren’t going to heat up that chilled white so you don’t need that stem anymore. Once you put the lid on and seal it closed your’e good to go.

Goverre comes in multiple colored sleeves or textured and glittered sleeves. You can find one the one that fits your style and life, and never have to suffer with bad wine glasses wherever you go.

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