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chromecast audio review

chromecast audio reviewYears ago we bought a huge sound system for our home. It has two large speakers and hooked up to every type of audio component you could speak of. While it was an updated system than the one my parents have, by today’s speaker standards it’s a dinosaur. We don’t buy CDs anymore, cassettes are even more rare (good luck finding a car that plays them) and the majority of our music is streamed. When we moved into our new home a few years ago, we never set up the large sound system, since it didn’t have a way to connect to our current music library.

chromecast audio reviewWith a lot of older speaker systems out there, and even Bluetooth ones that don’t always connect well, Google has created Chromecast Audio – a small device that you can use to connect your older sound system or even newer speakers to your phone with a hi res sound. We were sent a couple Google Chromecast Audio devices from Best Buy to test out in our home, and to help us bring music all over.

chromecast audio reviewChromecast Audio allows you to stream over Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, you can control it with your phone, laptop or tablet. The Chromecast Audio fits in the palm of my hand and has only 2 ports and one button on the side, using it is extremely easy! Just plug it in the included micro-USB cord to charge and you’re good for several hours of streaming music. The other side has an audio cord that will plug into any speaker – old or new, making it Wi-Fi capable.

chromecast audio reviewFor us, Google Chromecast Audio was the perfect solution for using not only my Bluetooth speakers (giving them more functionality) but also for our larger old dinosaur sound system. Chromecast Audio allows us to connect more than one device together so we have the same music streaming through the house at once. I can listen my music no matter where I’m working in the house, or even in the yard. And with access to multiple apps, we can have the music we want when and where we want it. But probably my favorite thing about Google Chromecast Audio is the price of each device at around only $35 each, they’re an easy upgrade to any sound system you already have.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.  


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