Uniquely Detroit – Feather Bowling Brings an Old Game New Life #VisitDetroit

What is Feather Bowling - Cadieux Cafe Detroit

From the outside, the Cadieux Cafe doesn’t look like much more than a regular bar. And even walking into the space, you wouldn’t know what is just a doorway away. From live karaoke to steamed mussels, the Cadieux Cafe plays homage to it’s Belgian heritage in menu offering to a little known game called Feather Bowling.

The game originally was a Belgian pastime akin to horseshoes and Bocci. These games have many similarities amongst them. Though little is known about the exact origin of the game, it is probable that the resemblance of the balls to wheels of cheese is no mistake.

The Cadieux Cafe is proud to be the only home of Feather Bowling in the United States. The game is rarely played in Belgium, and visitors from the old country are often astonished to see the game preserved as it is here.

Grab a wooden wheel and try to get it closest to the feather, and you’ll find yourself laughing along at your attempts to play the game. You may find that you have found your calling, or just something to play when you have some spare time.

How Do You Play

League play currently occupies two nights a week (Tuesday after 8:00 pm and Thursday after 7:00 pm). The remaining nights are open for public rental of the lanes (reservations recommended — please call for availability). The current cost for lane rental is $25 per hour per lane Sunday-Thursday and $50 per hour per lane on Friday and Saturday. Call (313)882-8560 for more details.

You can find the Cadieux Cafe at 4300 Cadieux Rd, Detroit, MI 48224

Find out more information about their menu, feather bowling and the history of the Cadieux Cafe.


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