couponing haul

Under $5 Contest Winner Round 2!

Coupon Haul
Each time photos are submitted for the Under $5 Contest the competition gets harder and harder! I am so proud of each and every one of the fans that submitted pictures this time around.

The winner of this round is –
Brittany Carriero! Her deal is below:

“5 – $1 off an honest T coupons, 3 – free suave lotion = free, 3 – free pantene pro V coupons = free, 7 – $5 off bengay coupons = 1.50, $5 off a $5 purchase coupon = free 20 count bic pens (nice ones too!), they were handing out granola bars when we walked in the store (score!) 1 lb chicken on sale for 2.99 a pound with a $1 off meat mark down coupon = $1.99, a free dozen eggs coupons, $1 off a package of dog treats = .99, buy one get one free dog treats with 2 – $1 off beggin strips = .50 grand total = $4.98 :)”

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