Twas the mouse who stole Christmas review

Twas The Mouse who Saved Christmas – Custom Books for Your Little One #Christmascountdown

Twas The Mouse who Saved Christmas review
We love books in our family, it’s not only fun but it helps Goonie continue to grow his reading skills. With the holidays coming, we know there are a lot of new books in his future. He was sent a very special book to review from MarbleSpark, ‘Twas the Mouse who Saved Christmas. Not only is it great for the upcoming holiday season, but t’s an extra special book because it was created just for him!

Like most customized books or gifts, his name was on the front – which I will say he didn’t notice at first. The book doesn’t just put your child’s name on the front and on a page or two. Instead it’s actually throughout the whole book, and even integrated in the story and on the spine of the book.

Twas The Mouse who Saved Christmas review

Goonie and I snuggled up and started going through the store. It tells the story of a little mouse who accidentally tears a name off Santa’s list. And you should have seen his eyes light up when I read that it was his name! Could you imagine Santa not making it to your house due to a little mouse? But throughout the story the mouse goes on a great adventure to make sure he fixes his mistake.

Twas The Mouse who Saved Christmas review

The book is done so beautifully and the child’s name isn’t just put in a generic font throughout the book. It is actually put in several places and in different fonts, some even look like they were hand written. It was well put together and Goonie loved that the book was created just for him.

You can get your own custom books from MarbleSpark for under $30 to see your little one’s eyes light up each time you read it together!

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