Tutti-Frutti dough review

Tutti-Frutti – Finally a Modeling Dough that is Non-Toxic and Will Last!

Tutti-Frutti dough reviewOne of the big parts of childhood is being creative and letting your imagination run wild. As kids, we loved playing with clay and dough and modeling the world around us, or new things that only we could come up with. Kids today love playing with modeling dough and clays, but you have to be careful about what is in some brands since not all of them are non-toxic. We were sent a bucket from Tutti-Frutti filled with not only non-toxic modeling doughs, but a lot of dough shaping tools to play with and be creative.

Tutti-Frutti dough reviewKids playing with modeling clay isn’t anything new, but Tutti-Frutti makes it even more fun by having all of their doughs smell like delicious fruits – and the scents are pretty true to life. Scents of the dough include: vanilla, lemon, blueberry, strawberry, orange, bubble gum, grape, cherry, banana, chocolate, green apple, watermelon, lime, cotton candy, pineapple, pear, mint, tropical, kiwi, pink grapefruit, peach, blue raspberry and fruit punch. Don’t worry if your kids pop some of it in their mouth though, it is completely non-toxic and actually made with all natural ingredients. However, if they do put it in their mouth there is a salty taste so they will spit it right out! The salt also helps keeps bacteria at bay since it creates an inhospitable environment for them to grow. It seems like Tutti-Frutti has thought of everything.

Tutti-Frutti dough reviewUnlike other modeling doughs on the market, Tutti-Frutti is water soluble so if it starts to dry out – just add water and you can keep playing. But while playing with the dough, it has been soft, malleable and easy for small hands to play with. Tutti-Frutti is for ages 2 and up, but as soon as they can start playing with modeling dough, is the perfect time to start. Not only does playing with the dough encourage imagination and play, but it helps build their fine motor skills. We love play that encourages learning – it’s so much easier to teach them basic skills when they don’t know they’re learning!

Tutti-Frutti dough reviewThe kids absolutely loved playing with Tutti-Frutti, and it was a rare moment that they not only played and shared – but did so quietly. Even with the 23 colors and different scents of Tutti-Frutti – the only limitation to play is imagination. Not only can you make your own scent combinations, but unlimited color combinations by mixing the doughs. We’re absolutely in love with a dough that the kids actually like playing with, but also the savings we’ll have by not having to buy new modeling dough since it can be refreshed with water.

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