Turn Your Patio into Your Own Oasis with Daich Terrazzo Granite Resurfacer

Daich Terrazzo Granite Resurfacer Review and Installation

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a house, there’s always another project to be done says KRS Holdings property management. When we first moved into our home, it came with a huge patio. We went from a small 10′ x 10′ deck to a 900 square foot concrete patio space. This area is great for entertaining, but over the years the previous owners and renters who used to live here did different things to it.

The different pads were covered in paint which has never made much since to us, it’s not flaking off but it isn’t consistent. We’ve dealt with it over the years by ignoring it and leaving chalk for kids to decorate the large patio with. But it’s time for something new, and different.

Thanks to Daich Coatings, our patio space got a face lift this spring, and the change is not only remarkable but almost creates a compeltely different space for entertaining.

Preparing Your Space

Daich Terrazzo Granite Resurfacer Review and Installation

Before I could even get the project started I had to prepare the patio. Unlike the basement flooring project we did last year, we could move everything off of the patio and into the lawn. While this probably wasn’t ideal for our neighbors, it was only for a few days. All of the leaves and dirt that had accrued over the winter and colder months had to be removed and the patio had to be cleaned off.

The patio space also had to have a couple things removed including an old disconnected electrical conduit that has only served as a trip hazard the past several years. As well as an old built in gas grill, which was disconnected decades before we purchased the home and has only served as a home for wasps over the years.

Once those items were removed, I spent a bone chilling day power washing the whole patio in mid April. Since this project is outside, and the concrete has been exposed to dirt and the elements for years, this extra step helpful to make sure the product properly adheres. This also helped remove any extra stone or loose bits in the cracked areas that were going to be patched and the foundation sealed before starting the project.

After all of the clean up was done and the concrete repaired, the side of the house and the air conditioning unit were taped up so extra product did not get on the surfaces we didn’t want them on. Now, onto the installation.

Applying the Terrazzo Granite Resurfacer

The Daich Terrazzo Granite Resurfacer is a three part system that includes 2 layers of a primer coat, 2 layers of the Terrazzo coating and 2 final layers of the non-slip sealant. Compared to some of Daich’s other products it’s a much easier system to apply.

Things to note when applying the system – be aware of the hours required for each layer to cure properly and the temperatures required. I found a perfect weekend at the end of April with the ideal temperature, and no rain where I could apply the product. Since this project is outside, between each coat of product I did have to sweep and remove any extra debris. If you are using the product in a garage or another enclosed space this may not be something you have to worry about.


The primer layers are applied to give a consistent base color for your whole project. Without this product, we would have continued to have a blotchy looking patio. It does go on similar to a thick paint, and while the initial layer and color looked far from what our final project would look like, even one coat started to give us a fresh look on the patio.

Apply 2 coats at least 2 hours apart


After the primer is done, it’s time to apply the 2 coats of Terrazzo. The terrazzo product needs to be mixed extremely well. It will be poured on in puddles and almost pushed into a uniform coat. This gives the stone flecks some randomness and natural stone look as you do it. It is a very thick product, but applying it to a consistent thickness will make sure your final look is consisten as well.

Apply 2 coats at least 6-8 hours apart

Terrazzo must cure for 24 hours before sealing. Let dry for 24 hours.


After your two coats of the Terrazzo has cured – it’s time to seal your space! Daich Tracsafe sealant needs to be mixed well and applies a slight grip to your surfaces. Not only will it seal and protect your patio space but it makes it slip resistant. Since our patio space is outside and exposed to the elements and has garden beds all around it, water is always going to be around, I like the added security we have to help reduce slipping accidents.

The sealant comes in 1 gallon buckets and goes on like a thick glue. This product should be reapplied every couple of years to help maintain and protect your patio or garage surface.

Apply 2 coats at least 6-8 hours apart

Watch More of the Patio Transformation Here:

The Final Product

Daich Terrazzo Granite Resurfacer Review and Installation

Watching the patio come to life from where we started is still shocking to me. Tehre are a couple of patches where the Terrazzo pattern is a bit thicker or inconsistent than other areas, but with the repaired concrete and the new surface on top the uniform look really opened up the space and gave it a completely new look.

Overall, with the prep work the patio took about a week to completely transform. The resurfacing portion was only a three day process. This does take some physical work, but it was no where as intense as moving and doing a basement floor in sections. Instead, it was more moving the large buckets of product and pushing the product over the surfaces. It was only a couple hours of work each day to apply the layers as needed.

Enjoying The New Oasis

Daich Terrazzo Granite Resurfacer Review and Installation

We allowed the patio to set and cure for a couple of days before placing the back stair back in place and setting up the space. It’s been a couple of months now that we’ve been living with and enjoying the back patio and looking back at where it was only a couple of months ago is amazing even to us.

After years of having a large patio with a patchy appearance, now we have a cohesive space that has turned into our favorite lunch venue between meetings. It’s a great place to retreat to, and it’s amazing how just one update to the space can really change how you use it.

For more information on Daich and their other flooring and surface products be sure to check out their website.


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