Turn Your Memories into Artwork with Canvas Prints from Collage.com

collage.com canvas print review

collage.com canvas print review

As we travel through life, more and more we’re capturing the moments that mean the most to us with our cell phones. We all have a camera in our pockets and our bags, and can snap the shots we love in an instant. But as great as this is for saving images and moments, we are starting to become overwhelmed with the amount of pictures and finding a way to preserve them all. Thankfully, there are a lot of different different ways you can start saving your memories and displaying them around the house.

collage.com canvas print reviewWe have been looking for different ways to display pictures from our trips and different adventures through the years throughout the house, and we love having our photos printed on canvas prints. Collage.com has a variety of photo gift options that are perfect for the holidays including blankets, ornaments and of course canvas prints for your home. They sent us a code to try out their services and order a 30″ x 30″ canvas print for our walls.

collage.com canvas print reviewUsing their service was as easy as uploading an image and positioning it on their canvas template. You can even do it from your phone, but using a computer gives you better control of the tools to make your perfect photo gift and options. To make our canvas print it was as easy as uploading an image and moving it until I had the position I wanted on the template. Ordering was just a click after that and adding in our payment information.

collage.com canvas print reviewWhen ordering our canvas print, I didn’t realize quite how large a 30″ x 30″ was and finding a home for it in our house became a bit more of challenge than I expected. But the large canvas did find a spot on an open wall that was begging for some artwork. The image I used for the print was actually taken with a cell phone, and edited in Photoshop but the quality remained. The only complaint I had about the final print on canvas was there seemed to be some blurring and slight artifacting around the wings of the birds in the shot. It can be noticed when you are close the canvas but not when viewing from a distance.

collage.com canvas print reviewDue to the size of the canvas, we were happy to see Collage.com used an additional piece of foam core to stabilize the print when hanging it on the wall. It means that you are able to hang the canvas print wherever you want, move it around and not worry about the wind catching it from behind and it turning into a sail. It was this added touch we loved about this print and the service in general. It wasn’t an add on fee, but something that Collage.com did to protect the product so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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