Trying New Recipes with the Ethiopian Cookbook

ethopian cookbook review

ethopian cookbook reviewI’ll be the first to admit, I really don’t know too much about Ethiopian cooking. With all of the time I spend in the kitchen, I’m looking to add in different recipes and try different cuisines. So when Xlibris sent me a copy of the Ethiopian Cookbook – A Pinnacle of Traditional Cuisine it was great to check out the recipes and different meal options.

The Ethiopian Cookbook: Pinnacle of Traditional Cuisine is an 88 page book featuring recipes by Konjit Zewge. They were originally written in Amharic and translated by her daughter Mesrak Mekonnen. The recipes vary from meat stews, vegetarian and even vegan options. Besides recipes and a glimpse of traditional Ethiopian recipes, there is a multi-page glossary explaining some of the ingredients and terms to help while cooking.

ethopian cookbook reviewThere are two notes about this cookbook that users should be aware of – first, the measurements in are grams. You may need to do some conversions to make the recipes. Another small issue with a few of the recipes is it refers to spice mixtures that western cooks may not be familiar with. The spice mixes are mentioned in the back of the book with the ingredients listed – just not the amounts that should be used while cooking. I’d highly suggest checking your recipes and making sure you have the spices you need for the finished recipe.

While the recipes are unfamiliar to our home, we’re having a good time trying some out and adding to our cultural experiences. All of the recipes in the Ethiopian Cookbook: Pinnacle of Traditional Cuisine have easy to follow steps for the home cook. You can find the Ethiopian Cookbook online and in select retailers if you want to try your hand at a new cultural experience.


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