Trudeau Stress Less Kitchen Gadget – Product Review and Giveaway!

Trudeau Less Stress Review
Trudeau Stress Less
I love to cook – I’m always in the kitchen, at least an hour a day. Partly because of my food allergies and making things from scratch, but I love making things from scratch. But one thing that will cut my time down in the kitchen is the right tool. Because of my budget I haven’t always been able to get the best products, not to say I’ve bought crap products in the past – but I get what I can afford.
I was sent a set of Trudeau Stress Less Kitchen Gadgets to test – the set includes:

  • Stress Less Safety Can Opener
  • Stress Less Garlic Press
  • Stress Less Easy Grind Pepper Mill
  • Stress Less Easy Grind Salt Mill
  • Stress Less Pizza Cutter
  • Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater

I opened the box in excitement when it got here. I LOVE kitchen items.. I’m not kidding – there are days I wonder if I should have been a 1950’s housewife.  The question became – what am I going to make to test these products?

Gluten Free Pizza
The first thing I decided to make was homemade pizza. Can you smell it? Yum! Goat Cheese, prosciutto, onions and even white cheddar in the crust. Now it’s a considerable pizza – the dough is gluten free and not the easiest to cut through. My old pizza cutter would take several passes to get through it.

Trudeau Pizza Cutter

Check out the size difference in my pizza cutter to the Trudeau Stress Less Pizza Cutter! Not only was it larger, but it only took one pass to get through the pizza. It was smooth and didn’t take a lot of force to cut the pizza into slices.

I also tested using the cheese grater while making the pizza. It worked great! Previously I had only used a box grater or our food processor. In case you weren’t aware, pre-shredded cheese is coated in gluten. So if I’m going to use shredded cheese in a recipe I have to do it myself. I put the cheese into the grater and just spun the top around. Shortly after shreds of cheese were falling nicely on top of the pizza. Just one note – make sure you’re using a harder cheese with it – softer or medium firmness cheese get stuck!

Trudeau Salt and Pepper Shakers

Now, one of my favorite products (well two really) in the set are the salt and pepper grinders. You can quickly and easily get fine or coarse ground salt and pepper just by a quick twist of the top handle.

Check out the picture – behind the Trudeau products are what I have been using forever. The salt has a quick grinder in the top – it works, but it takes fully cranking over. The pepper I had been using is pre-ground. My old one has a shaker lid inside that broke… so you have to dig it out. But like most of you, I keep using it until it’s gone (still have quite a while!)

I love working with fresh ground salt and pepper – they add so much to my recipes!

Not only are these quality products, they make it so easy to use. They are quick additions to your tool kit that don’t add more work to your cooking regime! They make it so much easier to get your dinner done in a snap!

Not only was Trudeau kind enough to send me a set to test, they’re going to give a set out to one of my lucky fans. Make sure you like them on facebook and check out their website! And don’t forget to enter below!

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  1. I love all the products i would use them all. BUT I WANT THAT CHEESE GRATER!!! I have been thru 3 in the last year i went back to the old style grater.

  2. I would love to try EVERYTHING!!! im a BIG cook nut, mad mad crazy about cooking and kitchen stuff so I’d LOVE to win!

  3. I would like any of the products..especially since many I do not already have or mine are mostly hand-me-downs.

  4. I would love the pizza wheel, we make homemade pizza every Friday night and it would make my life easier!!!


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