Trudeau Daisy Floral Wine Charms Bring Fun and Function to Your Party

trudeau wine charms review

trudeau wine charms reviewWe’re in that weird lull between holiday parties, and it’s only a few days until your guest arrive for your New Years celebration. The house is still decorated, but there are a few additional touches I like to add to every party. With multiple guests, I like making sure no ones drinks gets messed up and hard to find. Years ago, I had a hard time finding wine charms in time for our party, but as the cocktail party begins to rise again you can find several different options on the market.

trudeau wine charms reviewThis year our guests will have a new option to choose from – some adorable Daisy Floral Wine Charms from Trudeau. We were sent a set for our upcoming party, and the bright flowers can be used for any holiday or season. Each set of Silicone Daisy Floral Wine Charms come with 12 inside, which is a lot more than a lot of other sets I’ve seen on the market. All of the flowers and stems are made of food grade silicone and the petals can be removed for easy cleaning.

trudeau wine charms reviewTo secure the wine charm you just wrap the stem of the flower around the stem of your glassware. The back of each flower has a place that secures the stem inside it. And the wine charm will fit on thicker goblets as well as thinner wine glass stems as well.

trudeau wine charms reviewTogether the Silicone Daisy Floral Wine Charms look like an adorable bouquet of flowers, and each one is a unique shade and offer different colored centers to make it easier to identify your glass. Not only are they adorable, but the completely silicone body is ideal for wrapping around glasses, without worrying about them falling off. And the food grade silicone makes them completely dishwasher safe as well. Add some flowers, fun and function to your party and wine charms with the Trudeau Silicone Daisy Floral Wine Charms.


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