Treemendous Allows You to Create Your Own Christmas Bulbs

treemendous review

At the holiday season, while the presents and parties are fun – one of the best things to do is to create new family traditions with your family. Decorating the tree may already be on your list – but what about making your own christmas ornaments?

Messing with glass bulbs is hard to do with kids, but now your kids can make and decorate their own Christmas bulbs with the Treemendous ornament decorator -without making a mess. Each Treemendous ornament decorator comes with three bulbs to get started as well as eight washable markers that can be used on their egg decorating products as well. They work well on plastic, glass or even wood when you insert them in the Treemendous.

The Treemendous fits standard sized bulbs and the machine has a place that you can insert their necks into easily. With the flip of a switch the bulb rotates and you can create stripes or patterns on your own bulbs and designs. The on switch is large and easy for kids to use and they can use it to create their own bulbs easily without much supervision. It’s a fun way to create your own Christmas bulbs each year to decorate your tree.

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