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Travel Writing: How to Write the Best Travel Story

First of all, you should define yourself what “the best” is. It is not an abstract thing, it is a set of characteristics which should be inherent to your story. What can those be? For example:

  • The best travel story is the story that my audience will read till the end, not just skip it or scroll it;
  • The best travel story is the story that will make readers think about me as about an in-depth person with impressive life experience;
  • A perfect travel story is a story that will inspire people to travel more in general or even to repeat my travel path;
  • A great travel story is a story which will be helpful to people reading it, they will save it, remember it, sign up to my blog, share it, etc.

There can be much more characteristics, especially considering the fact that there is a possibility you need to write a travel story not for your blog, but for your class, and your professor should agree that it is actually a great travel essay. There are some details when it comes to professional academic writing, but let’s focus here on more general but no less practical ideas which make a travel story a real hit.

Remember About Your Audience and Their Needs

When you define the goal of your travel story you, you should also think about the audience. First of all, you should think about what would you put in your google search bar if you were looking for a similar story. For example, you want to write a travel story about your experience in Rome, Italy and your target audience is people willing to go to Rome, but delaying it for several years already. What characterizes them?

They know basics, they know that the city is ancient, they know a list of the most important places to see, and they want to eat pasta, drink limoncello and Aperol spritz, and finish it all with pizza.

If you were them, what would you look for? These can be the parts of your travel story which will actually make people read it till the end:

  • Rome Airport – Rome City Center. How I’ve spent less money than expected.
  • How to pick a local place to eat and not to get disappointed;
  • Touristic places to avoid during working hours, etc.

Add practical, useful tips to your travel story, and even if the whole essay someone lacks integrity, people will read it.

Make It a Story Not a Bore

You are writing a story, and you should not forget about the major principles of storytelling. There should be a hero in your story (you, most probably) and your hero should face some obstacles, on his or her way to a happy (or not that much happy) ending. It is not an easy task to create a quality story just from the first draft, so don’t judge yourself too harsh if you can’t form a quality storyline immediately. Start with drafting the key points of your article (essay, paper), some landmarks, points a, b, c, d, etc. This will help you to create a path for your hero. Once you know the key stops and events, you will be able to tell a story.

Be Cruel When Editing

When you finish writing your travel story, you will probably think that this is a work well-done. It is done well, but it is not done, we are truly sorry. After the first full draft is ready, you should start editing it and cutting it without any mercy. It is difficult to edit your own work, it is like killing flowers you have planted yourself, but you should remember that there is no single book or story which became famous not being edited. Editing helps to get rid of excessive phrases, awkward long sentences and storylines which just bore your reader. Don’t take it personally — you are not boring, and your story is not boring as well, but to make it sparkle you should tell it briefly and cut on explanations, most of the jokes and details. After you are done editing, start proofreading. Use online services to check on grammar and spelling, and read your final draft aloud, to make sure one sentence takes no more than one breathe.

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