bobby backpack review

Travel With Your Tech Securely with the Bobby Bag

bobby backpack review

Packing for any trip can be a chore in itself, but any traveler will tell you the worst thing to pack is your technology. Often many people will leave items at home so they don’t have to worry about them being safe in your bag or possibly being stolen while you’re traveling. For us, when we travel, we each pack a bag for our clothes and toiletries, and one just of our technology. You’ll find everything we may need for photo shoots, a tablet, and for me – a laptop to keep writing on the go. And while there are a lot of different options out there for backpacks that may work for one item of our tech – we’ve had a hard time finding a travel backpack we liked that would not only work for our gear but also would provide the cut resistance in case we’re in a crowded area.

A few months ago we found the Bobby Backpack, and XD Designs sent us one to review and see if it would work for our travel needs. The Bobby Bag is shaped unlike any other bag on the market right now and actually doesn’t have any external pockets. Even the main zipper is concealed to help deter thief from unzipping and stealing your items while you’re walking. The bag has a cut proof fabric not just on the straps but throughout the actual shell of the bag as well protecting your items no matter where you are. The simple exterior hides the inside that is loaded with features, and even the straps of the bag have an added bonus that makes you wonder why all bags don’t have that included.

bobby backpack reviewThe Bobby Bag is small and compact measuring only 6.5 x 11.8 x 17.7 inches, which places it way under the size limit for carry on luggage. It actually weighs under 3 lbs unpacked, so on it’s own it wont add a ton of weight to  Inside you can find places for everything from your laptop (up to 15 inches), a tablet, notebooks and even your pencils and pens. The only real complaint we had about the bag was the pen bungees were a little too loose if you have a pencil in them. But the bags construction was fantastic and everything has stayed firmly in place throughout our travels so far.

bobby backpack reviewBesides a slick design and ample space for just about everything you may need inside, the Bobby Bag actually unsnaps to provide easier access to  everything you have inside. Bobby also offers a concealed place for your travel documents on the arm strap, a place for your phone to slide in and out and be within reach and several other concealed features. But one of the best features is the integrated charging capability. All travelers run out of juice on their phone on the go, but Bobby allows you to bring your charger with you and not have to worry about digging around for your charger. Stead, the Bobby Bag comes with a cord and you connect your power brick inside (and store it in it’s own pocket). The charging cord is run through one of the arm straps. When you need power simply pull the cord out and plug your phone in. It’s simple, it’s elegant and keeps you at full power while on the go.

We love the Bobby Bag so much we’re looking at adding another to our home so we can have the security we’re looking for while traveling with our technology and keeping everything close at hand.

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