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Travel Tips That You Need for Every Trip

The global lockdown caused by the Coronavirus has left people confined at home without much to do. Many of those who have planned trips at home or abroad have had to cancel their plans and remain at home while maintaining minimal contact with the outside world. Well that doesn’t mean that a person can’t dream now, does it? When things get better (fingers crossed) and travel restrictions loosen, millions will jump at the chance to travel the world and see the sites they wanted to visit. When that time comes, it is always good to be prepared, and the following travel tips will help you do just that:

Travel with a small backpack

Most of us have a tendency to over-pack and take things we won’t need during our trip. To avoid taking unnecessary items on your trips, use a small backpack or suitcase with a 40-liter volume, at most. Taking small luggage will force you to take only the very essential items on your trip and it will also lighten the load when you move around from place to place.

Take hand sanitizer

If there is anything that we learned from the Covid-19 breakout is that a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer can save lives. When traveling, you touch doorknobs, elevator buttons, doors and other items that are not always the cleanest. So, to keep your hands clean and your body strong, carry a small bottle of 60%-70% alcohol content hand sanitizer. And don’t forget to also wash your hands. You can never be too careful.

Carry a map

Nowadays, most of us rely on the internet to be our map and tell us where and how to get from point a to point b. Most of us also rely on Wi-Fi connectivity when traveling, but it can be tricky. You will not always have a clear internet connection or an internet connection for that matter, so what will you do then? To save yourself time and avoiding from getting lost when on a trip, take a small foldable map of wherever it is you are going. Most places hand out free maps so you should take them and use your good old sense of direction to walk around when you have no internet connection.

Get travel insurance

We cannot specify this enough – no matter where you are traveling to and for how long, you NEED travel insurance. These days travel insurance is more affordable than ever so you have no excuses not to get it. So, before you start packing, get travel insurance that suits your travel needs and go on your trip with a quiet mind.

Make photocopies of your passport

Instead of carrying your passport around to wherever you go, you should make copies of it and keep the actual passport in a safe in your room. Also, take extra passport photos with you for when you need to get a visa to enter certain countries. That way, you won’t have to walk around searching for places who will take your photo in a strange land.

Take extra cash

Carrying extra cash when traveling, especially abroad, is always smart. There are plenty of pickpockets who search for tourists they can rob, and you do not want to be stuck in a foreign place with no money. So, take the extra cash and spread it in different places in your bag. Also, keeping extra cash in your shoes can come in handy. The extra money can help you get settled for a couple of days and contact your family/friends to ask them to wire you more money.

Choose your travel companions wisely

If you want to travel with new people, you should be careful about choosing them; set a fun coffee get-together to get to know them, talk before you go on your trip, run a background check with GoLookUp people search, find their social media profiles, etc. Making new travel partners is fun, but you should only travel with people you can trust, and you have to get to know them too, at least a little, before flying off with them.

Keep a hard copy of your accommodation’s information

As mentioned before, you cannot always rely on the internet to save the day; sometimes, you will not have a connection, so you will need hard copies of essential information and documents, like your accommodation’s contact information. When you get to your destination and you need to go to a hotel or other lodging, you will need the address. A hard copy of the contact information is always handy, and you can tell a taxi driver the address quickly and easily instead of relying on an internet connection and an email search for the information.

Travel in the shoulder-season

Traveling during high-season can be very expensive, so you should consider planning your trips during the shoulder season (before/after the high-season). The weather during the shoulder season is great, lodging is more affordable, locations are less crowded, so it’s a win-win all across the board.

Don’t follow the masses

To create a unique travel experience, do not go to only touristic destinations, restaurants, and routes. Instead, go to places that provide a more authentic experience and are not mentioned in travel guides, go site-seeing during lunch (when all other tourists are eating) and befriend locals so they can give you the inside tips on where to go.

Traveling provides us with the opportunity to see the world and meet new people. These days, most of us are restricted to the home, but that will not last forever. When the gates open, we can once again travel freely and explore places we have never been too. When you plan your trip, use the travel tips we gave you, and you are guaranteed to have a fun and safe trip

Select your activities wisely, too

Before the Coronavirus health crisis, part of the fun of traveling was the journey’s unpredictable nature. Now, there is more at risk since the pandemic has escalated out of control. If you still want to travel, this is fine, yet you should consider the activities you do with care.

The smart decision is to do stuff with people you can trust in environments you can control. For example, pick establishments that follow the rules and don’t put your health in jeopardy. Alternatively, if that isn’t exotic enough, you can hire a party boat or rent a big house and throw a rager. After all, these activities are manageable if you only invite guests that you know as the environment is confined to your group.

There are tons of things you can do if you think outside of the box. Just make sure you evaluate the risks beforehand to ensure you suffer from unnecessary threats.

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