Travel Accessories and Gadgets for Women

Travel Accessories and Gadgets for Women

Here are some of the best women’s travel accessories and cool gear to help gals make it from point A to point B without tearing their hair out. Maybe a Victorinox or Baggallini pouch, a Stephanie Johnson travel makeup bag, or one of these other super products will help.

Cool Gear – Travel Wallet

An easy access travel wallet is essential for navigating through airports. Not only must a woman schlep her bags and a purse, but she needs to get to her ID, her itinerary, and usually her credit cards or cash, several times. The answer for some women is a travel wallet which hangs around one’s neck.

Travel wallets have many names, such as Passage wallet, security wallet, boarding pouch, document travel pouch, or boarding wallet. Some wallets have a window so one’s driver’s license shows through without being removed, though many places require a traveler to present ID to the inspector. The pouch can be stashed in a purse once a gal has made it through the maze.

Travel Products – Women’s Travel Makeup Bag

Stephanie Johnson provides a practical selection of makeup bags in cute fabrics, turning the chore of beauty into a sweet ritual. Some of her makeup bag styles include:

  • Train case
  • Clutch cosmetic case
  • Pencil case
  • Small zip to jumbo zip cases

Cool Gear – Travel Size Makeup

Travel light with sample size makeup. Powder foundations are lightweight and unbreakable. Look online for Alima Satin Matte Foundation which sells small samples in 60 different skin colors. Get a small mineral Kabuki makeup brush.

Online cosmetics stores sell mini versions (or single-use individually packaged products) like:

Fabulous Travel Accessory – Pill Organizer with Alarm Clock

Pill Pal with Alarm is a pillbox with an alarm clock. This is an exceptionally great concept for people who take many pills or travelers who bounce around different time zones. Check out the Day/Night Pill Organizer, though it would be nice if this website took off the migraine-inducing flashing lights.

Travel Jewelry Rolls and Pouches

Keep the jewelry from getting scratched or tangled with a Baggallini Jewelry Pouch Bagg in adorably bright rip stop nylon. This little pouch seems easier to use than a travel jewelry roll, because a woman can just toss earrings, rings, or tissue-wrapped pearls into one of the interior pockets and throw the pouch into a carryon. So simple.

Women with expensive or fragile necklaces may still prefer a travel jewelry roll. It’s easy to google this and look for a jewelry roll that’s big enough but still lightweight, like the DreamSack Silk Jewelry Roll, and Neiman Marcus has a bag that’s great. And, women with generous husbands should take a look at the Professional X-large Jewelry Roll at It’s made from the cloth used to polish jewelry. As well as protecting your jewelry whilst travelling, you may also want to think about a sturdy, hard case for your prescription glasses. Being able to see the sights whilst you’re travelling is so important so why not invest in a pair of new Amazon Echo glasses? If you’re going to be driving on vacation, this is especially important for your safety. Not only are new glasses practical, but they will also improve the quality of your trip by ensuring you don’t miss a single thing!

Travel Gear – Reading Light and Flight Pillow

There is nothing more annoying than reading a book on a long Qantas night flight and having the overhead light burn out. Any woman who can’t sleep on planes should get a reading lamp to avoid this miserable 13 hour boredom monster.

Many women prefer the clip on flexible light, such as the Great Point Light Flex-Neck Reading Light. Everyone will need one of these at some point.

A long flight can be a big time pain in the back. Some airplane seats are just not designed for hours and hours of enjoyment and many gals would be happy to have something like the AeroBed Self-Inflating Compact Back Rest. This travel pillow can often be found on QVC, so shop around for prices.

Most of these women’s travel accessories are seen on gals throughout the world. This travel gear is not an extravagance, it’s a necessity.


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