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Transformers Energon – Volume 1: Now on DVD!

transformers Energon

I’m not sure if there is a bigger Transformers fan out there than Goonie. He was more than excited when Shout Factory sent us a copy of Transformers Energon: Volume One to review. Not only was it Transformers, but several episodes for him to watch.

Transformers Energon is set 10 years in the future. Optimus Prime and his crew are still battling evil and trying to keep evil at bay. Many of the Transformers have changed to their upgraded Energon forms, although Prime hasn’t yet. These episodes bring back some of our favorite Transformer characters, and with a more cartoon like feel it will give remind you of the classic cartoons we grew up with.

Episodes Included:

  • Cyberton City
  • Energon Strike
  • Scorpinok
  • Megatron’s Sword
  • The New Cybertron City
  • Megatron Resurrected
  • Megatron’s Raid

Total Run time: 154 Minutes

You can find Transformers Energon: Volume One on DVD Amazon or at Walmart.

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