Transformers Beast Machines – The Complete Series Comes to a 4 Disc Collection

tranformer beast machine review
transformers beast machines review
When you think of your favorite Transformers we think of changing into cars and trucks. But what if they could change to change into other things too? In Transformers Beast Machines instead of vehicles they turn into beasts – and they’re actually called Maximals. They work with Optimus Prime and his team, but when they head back to Cybertron they realizes they have a virus and must find a way around it.

We were sent a copy of Transformers Beast Machines: The Complete Series to review. While it’s not the traditional series we’re use to, we enjoyed the episodes. They have a slightly darker tone but that is probably because the series is a later generation of the Transformers we grew up with and know. We enjoyed the series and the animation had high quality drawings. It was enjoyable for old fans of the Transformers universe, as well as young and newer fans.

Transformers Beast Machines: The Complete Series is a 4 disc collection, and not only includes all 26 episodes but special features including interviews and commentaries. It has a total run time of 690 minutes, and is available on Amazon and in stores near you.


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