at home Christmas Decorations

Transform Your Front Porch for the Holidays with At Home

at home Christmas Decorations
As someone who loves Christmas, this time of year is a weird balance between containing my joy for the upcoming holidays and driving family and my neighbors nuts. Over the years I have collected a ton of inside decorations, and probably have more ornaments than our small tree can hold. But as far as outside decorations – I only recently started picking up items and had a small light up tree and a handmade grapevine wreath. I always love seeing houses fully decked out, but the cold weather usually stops me from doing too much outside.

at home Christmas DecorationsThis holiday season, At Home invited me to pick out some items from their store and find some to deck our halls this holiday season. When I walked into our local store, I was shocked at how many items I could choose from, and it felt like I was walking directly into a Christmas wonderland. From trees, ornaments (including pop culture ones), inflatables and more. My task to keep my budget under $100 was going to be a lot harder than I thought – but a challenge I was more than happy to take on!

Since our inside is pretty much set, and I will be clearing out some of our older and outdated ornaments this year, I spent most of my time in outdoor decor section. I was surrounded by yard art, lights and so many options. One thing I absolutely appreciated was light testing stations staged around so you knew the decorations you were picking up would work when you got them at home.

at home Christmas DecorationsAfter some time, I found some adorable Peanuts yard art, both a Snoopy and a Woodstock that can go right into our yard. Also a large glitterly poinsettia sign (I can’t kill that one in the cold weather!) and a Happy Holidays sign. One of my favorite finds was a four pack of over sized candy canes that simply go in your yard – for only $9.99! All of the items were under $16 each, and together make a cute display in front of our porch.

at home Christmas DecorationsI thought I was done finding outside decor when I stumbled upon the projector section. At Home actually has a huge variety of the light projectors for your house, from 1 image to multiple and different LED modes. They start at $15 and go up from there, and other than an extension cord have everything to get started.

This time of year, I danced that fine line and I’m sure I crossed it and drove my neighbors nuts decorating the yard so early. But I wanted to be sure everything was put into the grass before the ground freeze and it’s too cold for me to want to go outside. Everything slide into the ground easily and I was set up and ready to go in about 10 minutes. That’s my kind of holiday decor – easy and quick! Our patio is adorable and ready for guests. And the best part, for everything, I only spent $93! That means more of my holiday budget can go towards gifts or other items for the house.

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