Tranformers Energon – Now on DVD!

transformers energon complete series review
transformers energon series review

Since the 80’s there have been a lot of different Transformers shows for us to enjoy. But those of us who have grown up with Transformers will always have the originals in our hearts. Earlier this year Transformers Energon: The Complete Series was released. We were sent a copy to review and my boyfriend lit up! These were the ones he remembered from our childhood, and he couldn’t wait to watch them all again.

The collection has all of the episodes from the original two seasons, and all 50 episodes will bring you back to nostalgic childhood moments – you might even want to have to have a marathon with your friends. Enjoy the original episodes and enjoy being reintroduced to Optimus Prime, Megatron, and all of your favorites. If you’re a fan of Transformers, this is a must have to add to your collection!

Season 1 Episodes

  • Cybertron City
  • Energon Stars
  • Scorpinok
  • Megatron’s Sword
  • Megatron Resurrected
  • Megatron Raid
  • Starscream The Mysterious Mercenary
  • Energon Tower
  • The Legend Of Rodimus
  • Crisis In Jungle City

Season 2 Episodes

  • Energon Grid
  • Rodimus Friend Or Foe
  • Go For Unicron!
  • The Return Of Demolisher
  • Alpha Q: Identity
  • Laser Wave: Rampage
  • Unicron Unleashed
  • Open Fire!
  • Ripped Up Space
  • Team Optimus Prime
  • Protection
  • Imprisoned Inferno
  • Bulkhead
  • Farewell Inferno
  • Crash Course
  • Omega Supreme
  • A Heroic Battle
  • The Power
  • Unicron Perishes
  • Ambition
  • Wishes
  • Galvatron!
  • Distribution
  • Deception Army
  • Ironhide Team
  • Formidable
  • Galvatron Terror
  • Destructive Power
  • Spark
  • The Sun
With a total runtime of just under 1200 minutes, the Transformers Energon: The Complete Series collection is the ultimate gift for true Transformer’s fans. You can find it now at stores near you or on Amazon!


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