Tracee Ellis Ross Shines in The High Note

The High Note Review

If theaters were open right now, there’s always a place for a fun movie for a Girls Night Out. And that is exactly what The High Note is, one that you would take your girlfriend’s to see and would be a couple hours of fluff movie that is just there for entertainment.

The High Note focuses around Maggie, a young music assistant (played by Dakota Johnson) to Grace Davis (Tracy Ellis Ross) a major musical icon who hasn’t had new content in years. Maggie wants to move her career along and finds a new young singer to help produce, but at the same time puts her own career on the line to do it.

For me, the draw to the movie was Ross, who has been in roles I’ve loved over the years from roles in Black-ish and Girlfriends, and the trailer even made it seem like she was going to be in the film more. While we know her from her acting roles, her slipping into a character that is similar to what her mother’s real life career was like, was an interesting premise in general. And as an added bonus, Ross actually sings her own songs and got away from the typical roles we are used to seeing her in. Unsurprisingly she shines in this space and brings a great singing voice to the table.

While it was disappointing that Ross wasn’t in the movie as much as we had hoped, it seemed like they used her an an anchor to bring more viewers to the movie for Johnson. Johnson herself did a good job in her role. While at times her seemed flat in her performance, she carries the story along well and the result is a fun and lighthearted movie in general.

One big complaint about the movie – it has a bit that may turn some viewers off. Grace has one major hit that fans love, and the movie hits that hard – almost too hard. Playing the song countless times and even different variations over ten times throughout the film. The amount of times the song is played in just the opening was too much and we caught ourselves saying “oh there’s that song again” when it played again multiple times. While we understand that it was pivotal to the story, the actual amount of times it was played was too much compared to the benefit to the movie’s story line.

The High Note is available on Digital on demand everywhere this week. With the issues aside, it is a lighthearted movie that will entertain you through the whole movie. With great singers, acting and some interesting fashion moments, The High Note is a fun movie for your next girls night or to find a short moment of escapism.

About The High Note:

Set in the dazzling world of the LA music scene comes the story of Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross), a superstar whose talent, and ego, have reached unbelievable heights, and Maggie (Dakota Johnson), her overworked personal assistant. While stuck running errands, Maggie still aspires to her childhood dream of becoming a music producer. When Grace’s manager (Ice Cube) presents her with a choice that could alter the course of her career, Maggie and Grace come up with a plan that could change their lives forever.

The film is directed by Nisha Ganatra (“Late Night”) from a script by Flora Greeson. It is produced by Working Title Films’ Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner. The film’s executive producers are Nathan Kelly and Alexandra Loewy.


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