Tourist Destinations that Challenge Your Fear of Heights

Tourist Destinations that Challenge Your Fear of Heights

Having a fear of heights is one of the most common fears people have and can limit you while you’re traveling. If you’re looking to challenge your fear of heights you don’t need to bungee jump or hope on the nearest zip line. Instead there are some great tourist destinations that offer amazing views, staggering heights and ways to make memories and check off that bucket list.

Take in a View for Miles from the Top of the Shard

View from the Shard Review

If you want to push your fear of heights but want to do it in a safe feeling environment there is no better place to do it than the Top of the Shard. At the top of the skyscraper in the heart of London, there is a two level observation deck area. Get a glass of champagne or a snack and enjoy the view for over forty miles throughout the city. While the Shard gives you great views during the day, but the view is spectacular as you watch the sun set over the city.

Tilt Out Over the Windy City

While it’s not the first building that comes to mind when you are looking for great views in Chicago but 875 N. Michigan Ave (formerly the Hancock Building) has the best view of the city. A lot of the tourist books will point you to the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) for the view and while they offer the Skydeck – a clear observation area that cantilevers over the city – it doesn’t give you the thrill that you want take it up another level by visiting Tilt at 875 N Michigan.

If you don’t need need the adrenaline rush, and still want to look at the view of Chicago and the surrounding area head up to the Signature Room and enjoy a drink or dinner.

Enjoy a Macaron And Look over City of Lights

View from the Eiffel Tower

Paris offers shopping, food and culture on every corner. But one must thing to do in whenever you visit Paris is to visit the Eiffel Tower. The tower itself is imposing from the ground and you can enjoy the nightly light show. But the experience can take you to new heights if you go to the top and see Paris in all of its glory.

Wanting to stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a gold flaked macaron? Be sure to get your tickets well before you visit. They often sell out during busy times. Be sure to choose how high you want to go – you can get tickets to the second floor or to the top of the Eiffel tower to see the views over the whole city. Prices will fluctuate during busier season as well so grab them while you can.

Paris offers shopping, food and culture on every corner, making it a popular TEFL and tourist destination.

Watch Vegas Glitter from the High Roller

High Roller Veg Review

Day and night Las Vegas glitters with the lights of the Casinos. But when you take in the view from the World’s Highest Ferris Wheel, you will get to take in the city in all of her glory. Watching the Bellagio Fountain show from the High Roller will help you start tackling those fears. The curve of the observation decks may be a bit daunting but it’s one of the best ways to experience the city and to check out the area in a contained environment with your friends and family.


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